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Recipients of funding from the Center for the Humanities are expected to provide detailed reports on the impact and effect of the activities funded.

Reports should be sent to by the beginning of the Fall semester following the funded activity or before requesting additional funding (for any project, related or not), whichever is earlier. Applicants with funding reports outstanding will not be eligible to apply for grants.

While there is no single required format for reporting, below is a non-comprehensive list of acceptable forms:

  • Memorandum detail findings and progress, and the impact on the progress of scholarship or creative activity
  • Memorandum briefly summarizing findings and outcomes accompanied by a complete final manuscript (under review, in press, or published)
  • Memorandum summarizing the discussions engendered by a visiting speaker, scholar, or writer, with detailed information about the number of attendees
  • Reflective statements from students hired as research assistants or interns
  • Annotated photographic or video portfolio of events produced with Center funding
  • URL to access web-published or web-based work, accompanied by a brief annotation
  • A talk on funded scholarship presented as part of the Center's Colloquium Series, Humanities Festival, or other on-campus series or event

Recipients are encouraged to contact with any questions about reporting obligations or to suggest alternative means of fulfilling the reporting requirement.

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