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Continuing Legal Education Materials

General Practice Review - 2020

Session 1 - November 13

Real Estate Update - Erickson
Criminal Law Update - Burns
Family Law Update - Meade
Immigration Law Update - Pritchett

Session 2 - November 20

Social Security Update - Tripp
85 Fed Reg. 10602 Grid Change
85 Fed Reg. 13692 SSR 20-1p

Changes in Forensic Science and Legal Impacts - Nichols Cook

Intellectual Property Update - McAnelly

Session 3 - December 4

Insurance Law Update - May

Wills and Trusts Update - Lynner

Employment Law Update - Autry

Evidence Update - Dore

Session 4 - December 11

Agricultural Law Update - McAfee

Business Law Update - Dore
GPR Appendix - Dore

Ethics Presentation - Lain & Lee Schneider

Real Estate Transactions 2020

Real Estate Transactions 2020 - Erickson

Mineral Law - Pose

Property Tax Appeals - Franklin

List Serve Issues Part 1 - Moore
List Serve Issues - Part 2 - Moore

List Serve Issues - Part 3 - Moore

An Introduction to Statutory Interpretation - Gartin

Statutory and Contractual Issues Impacting Agricultural Land Ownership - McAfee

Five Things Mom Should Have Told You about Real Estate Law - Johnson

Materials Archive:

General Practice Review

December 12 & 13, 2019


May - Insurance Law

Dore - Evidence

Bennett Implicit Bias Materials:

Bennett Book Chapter, Bennett and Plaut , Levinson, Bennett, and Hioki, Implicit Bias - Bennett

Meade - Family Law

Dore - Business Law

Pattison - Ethical Challenges in Child Representation

Tripp - Social Security

Burns - Criminal Law


Erickson - Real Estate

Autry - Employment Law

Lain and Schneider - Ethics

Pritchett - Immigration Law

Intellectual Property Law to come

McAfee - Agricultural Law

Crane - Civil Procedure


Real Estate Transactions

Case Law & Legislative Update - Erickson

Muniments of Title - Gartin

Abstracting and Title Issues - Dunakey & White
Local Title Standards - White - White

Listserve - Moore

Bankruptcy Implications in Real Estate - Peterson

Partitions - Nervig

ITG Claims: Case Studies & Lessons Learned - Rousseau


Civil Rights Panels

February 14

Racial Profiling - Walker

Police Stop Video

Jury Talk - Lovell

General Practice Review
December 6-7, 2018

Thursday, Day 1

Business Law - M. Dore

Insurance Law - May

Criminal Practice and Procedure - Burns

Family Law Update - Meade

Evidence Review - L. Dore

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Issues Affecting Lawyers - Lain

Social Security - Tripp

IP Landscape - McAnelly

Friday, Day 2

Real Estate Law - Erickson

Juror Bill of Rights - Bennett
A Fresh Look at Jurors - Bennett

Client Lawyer Relationship - Axiotis

Immigration Law Update - Pritchett

Ethics and Iowa Legal Practice - Lee-Schneider
link will be refrenced during presentation

Employment Law - Autry

Agricultural Law - McAfee

Iowa Civil Procedure - Huppert

Health Law Intensive: Privacy and Information Security in Health Services

April 20-21, 2018

HIPAA Enforcement and Settlements
Overview of HIPAA and Other Privacy and Security Laws in Health Care
Yours, Mine and Ours-Issues in Patient Access to Records
HIPAA Security Risk Assessment
Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology
Identifying, Investigating and Responding to Suspected Breaches

Employment Agreements and Executive Compensation and Benefits

April 6, 2018

Basic Principles Frueh and Coonan
Fundamentals of Drafting - Coonan
Compensation and Benefits - Frueh and Coonan
Coordination Issues - Frueh and Coonan

Real Estate Transactions

March 23, 2018

Case Law and Legislative Update - Erickson
Iowa Land Records Update - Dunshee
Time Restraints on Rights of First Refusal - Sharpe
List Serve Issues 1 - Moore
List Serve Issues 2 - Moore
List Serve Issues 3 - Moore
Update on Residential Leases - Wallace
Premier on Condemnation- Colacino
Easements - Gartin et al
Exhibits and Authorities Packet

General Practice Review

Dec. 7-8, 2017

Business Law - Dore
Business Law Presentation - Dore
Consumer Protection - Mansfield
Ethics - Mental Health and Substance Abuse Issues Affecting Iowa Lawyers - Lain
Evidence Update - L. Dore
Real Estate - Erickson
Social Security Outline - Tripp
SSR 16-3p 81 Fed Reg
IP Landscape Update - McAnelly
Insurance Law - May

Criminal Practice and Procedure - Burns
Ethics and Iowa Legal Practice - Lee Schneider
Federal Ethics Diversity Guidelines - Axiotis
Family Law - Meade
Bankruptcy - Shodeen
Bankruptcy Presentation - Shodeen
Employment Law - Autry
Agriculture Law - McAfee
Iowa Civil Procedure - Huppert

Creating and Maintaining a Robust Financial Services Compliance and Risk Management Program

Sept. 15-16, 2017

Session 1 Jeff Jungman
Creating and Maintaining a Robust Financial Services Compliance - Session 1 - full slides
Session 2 Gliha and Mansfield
Session 2 Gliha and Mansfield - full slides
Session 3 and 4 Gliha and Karch - full slides

Juvenile CINA Court - Fostering Teamwork Across Disciplines

Sept. 8, 2017

The Role of Process in CINA Cases-Baker
Best Practices - Baker
Family Handout - Baker
How to Get Paid for Indigent Defense Cases - Bushell and Swaim
Medicated Assisted Treatment
Parent Representation in Child Welfare-Witt
Representing Parents Handout - Hon. Colin J. Witt

Tech Startups: Navigating the Legal Maze

Aug. 25, 2017

Mobile App Issues-Goodhue
Website Agreements and Privacy Issues-Larson
Positioning your Company for Growth-Powers
Legal Issues in Coworking-Creedon
Founders Agreements-Kaspar
Founders Agreement Template - Kaspar

Drafting Skills for the Business Lawyer: From Contracts to Opinion Letters

April 14, 2017

Drafting Considerations from First Year Contracts - Mansfield
Fundamentals of Contract Drafting - Lowe and Vestal
Advanced Contract-Drafting Concepts - Lowe and Vestal
Drafting "Back of the Contract" - Walker
Special Drafting Considerations - Wilcox


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