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Your best tool: Preparation

We recognize your time is limited, so let the Career Development Office help you prepare for your interviews whether they are in person, on the phone, or virtual. Also, listen to the advice from attorneys below and look at the online Interview Tips and Sample Questions.

Things you can do to prepare:

  • Research. Look at the employer website, check out their LinkedIn Profile, talk to connections, faculty, CDO, or other students who have worked there. In addition to learning about the employer, learn as much as you can about the position itself so you can market your skillset to the needs of the employer.
  • Practice. Seriously. Until you get the hang of interviewing, it can be a great help to practice.  How?
    • Mock interview with CDO or another professional in the field
    • Record yourself
    • An online tool like Big Interview (free for Drake students through 2020)
  • Demonstrate.  View the interview as an opportunity to advocate for yourself and how you fit with the employer’s mission and overall organization. Use your research about the employer to convince them that you understand their mission and can make a substantive contribution. 
  • Awareness. Know and be prepared to address your weaknesses. Contact CDO so we can help you with certain questions that stump you, nerves and how to handle them, and preparing to discuss any particular topics you may feel could stand in your way
  • Enthusiasm. Employers want to know that you are interested in them and the position they have available. 

Interview Advice 

We asked employers to share their advice on interviews.  You can find all of the excellent tips at Advice from the Experts, but below are a few highlights.


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