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Professional Identity & Skills

Ask CDO if you have any questions or concerns over professional identity (who you want to be) or professional etiquette or skills - it matters.  Are you communicating with your current or would-be employers in a timely and professional manner? How can you address being under-worked or over-committed?  How do you respond to feedback?

For a fresh view on your own professional development and formation as an attorney, read this article from a law professor as he reflects on his own career.  A Letter to Students on the Meaning of Work and Professional Formation

Drake Law Attorney Skills Series  - Click on the session below to watch the recording.



First-Hand Interviewing and Negotiating Tips

Jeff Goodman, Goodman Law Firm

Real Estate Basics Every Practitioner Should Know

Kathleen Law, Nyemaster Goode, P.C.

Things Every General Corporate Practitioner Should Know

Michael Dayton, Nyemaster Goode, P.C.

Getting Started During a Recession

Chris Kemp, District Associate Judge, Polk County

Building Professional Relationships - From Judicial Clerk to Law Firm Partner

Becky Duffy, Davis Brown Law Firm

Keith Duffy, Nyemaster Law Firm

Practical Law with Westlaw for Law Clerks and New Attorneys

Annemarie Milton, Westlaw

How Prosecutors Build Trust and Relationships With Victims, Especially in Violent or Traumatic Crimes

Mary Howell Sirna, Administrative Advisor to ISU Police, former First Assistant Story County Prosecutor

Building A Successful Law Practice

Tom Newkirk, Newkirk Zwagerman 

Practical Tips For New Associates


Kathleen Law and Taylor Tomlinson, Nyemaster Goode, P.C.


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