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Business Law Certificate

The Business Law Certificate program is designed to further the interests of students in a business or transactional practice and prepare them for careers in business law.

Business law may be involved in practice, businesses, state or federal agencies, or inside counsel for private companies.

Download the Business Law Certificate Checklist.

See Business Law Certificate Learning Outcomes.


To earn the Business Law Certificate, students must take a combination of required and elective courses totaling at least 23 credits.

Required Courses

Business Associations (4 credits)
Federal Income Taxation (3 credits)

Advanced-Level Business Courses

Minimum of one course:
Business Taxation (4 credits)
Mergers and Acquisitions (2-3 credits)
Securities Regulation Law (3 credits)

Commercial Law Courses

Minimum of one course:
Bankruptcy and Debt Collection (3 credits)
Real Estate Transactions (3 credits)
Sales (3 credits)
Secured Transactions (3 credits)

Simulation, Skills or Clinic Courses

Minimum of one course:
Contract Drafting (2-3 credits)
Negotiations (2 credits)
Entrepreneurial/Transactional Clinic (4-6 credits)


Minimum of two courses from above lists or the following:
Banking Law (3 credits)
Consumer Protection (3 credits)
Employment Law (3 credits)
Gaming Law (3 credits)
In-House Counsel Seminar (1 credit)
Insurance Law (3 credits)
Intellectual Property Courses:
     Patent Law (3 credits)
     Copyright Law (3 credits)
     Intellectual Property - Intro (3 credits)
     Intellectual Property Licensing (3 credits)
     Trademark & Unfair Competition (3 credits)
International Trade (3 credits)
Internships (Insurance or Securities) (2 credits)
Law of Compliance and Risk Management (3 credits)
Sports and Antitrust Law (3 credits)
Interdisciplinary Courses in the CBPA (up to 6 credits)—e.g. MBA 242: Introduction to Accounting—as approved by the joint degree advisor.

For more information, see Drake Law School's course descriptions.

Program Director:

Jeremy Kidd,  Professor of Law
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