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‌‌‌Current students can use this page to find information about registering for classes.

Registration for Spring 2020

Registration for spring 2020 is Tuesday, November 19 from 7:00 - 7:30 a.m. for students that have earned 60 credits or, and 7:30 - 8:00 a.m. for students that have earned 59 or less credits.

Summer 2019 Course Schedule

Fall 2019 Course Schedule

New Courses for Summer 2019

202. FEDERAL/STATE PRACTICE 1. This course emphasizes critical differences in practicing in both state and federal courts. From pleadings to appeals, and everything in between, this  course prepares students to practice in both systems with a concentration on overcoming pitfalls for the unwary.

265. FINANCIAL AND BUSINESS CONCEPTS FOR LAWYERS. 1 This course exposes students to basic financial concepts used in business.  All law students should consider taking this course if they intend to work in a law firm or practice in the business environment, particularly if they do not have knowledge in financial, business or accounting concepts. The course will first overview business concepts including entity selection, financial statement basics, performance factors and how debt works.  It will then discuss financial concepts such as time value of money, and apply these concepts to business applications such as valuation and buy-sell structures.  Basic funding and financing concepts will be considered as well.

New Courses for Fall 2019

323. JUSTICE REFORM AND INNOVATION 2. This seminar focuses on cutting-edge innovations and reforms in both the civil and criminal justice systems in both state and federal courts. Topics include, e.g., mass incarceration and sentencing reform, civil jury trial innovations, Afrocentric facial feature bias and implicit bias, and the use of technology in evidence presentation.

313. SEXUALITY, GENDER IDENTITY AND THE LAW. 3 Issues of sexuality and gender identity are on the cutting edge of the law. It is almost a guarantee that at some point during the class a major new legal development will occur, whether it is a United States Supreme Court opinion on a conflict between religious freedom and anti-discrimination, a ruling by the Supreme Court of India decriminalizing homosexuality, a federal Court of Appeals opinion on employment discrimination based on gender identity, a major lawsuit on behalf of intersexed individuals, or a proposed statute or regulation on military service, student rights or immigration. Exploration of the cultural foundations of ‘traditional’ legal approaches to sexuality and gender identity, along with the cultural developments and legal strategies that contributed to accelerating change in the law over the past half-century, will position the class to understand both what is at stake in current legal and political controversies and what it will take to resolve them. Constitutional law is a major, but not exclusive focus of the class, especially the areas of Due Process, Equal Protection, Freedom of Speech and Free Exercise of Religion. Grades are substantially based on three assignments involving the drafting of litigation documents in hypothetical cases in raising these issues.

Academic Advising

Students may find who their academic advisor is by visiting MyDrake.

For contact information of individual faculty members, visit the Drake Law School directory.

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Return completed forms to the Gorsche Student Services Suite, Cartwright Hall, Room 128. Emailed forms will not be accepted. Hard copies of these forms are also available in the Gorsche Student Services Suite.

Add-Drop Slip
Audit Form
Independent Internship-LAW 600
Individual Research-LAW 615
Interdisciplinary Course Credit Form
Joint Degree Registration Form
Visiting Student Approval Form

For certificate forms, see Drake Law School's certificate programs.

Registration Instructions

  • Login to MyDrake.
  • Enter your 9-digit Drake ID and your password.
  • Under "Classes & Registration," click on "Registration Tools."
  • On the Student Services page, click on "Registration."
  • Select "Look Up Classes."
  • Select "Law" followed by the semester for which you are registering.
  • Select "Law" as the subject, then select "Class Search Button."
  • Check the box beside the classes you wish to register.
  • Select the "Register" button at the bottom of the page.

A new screen will appear indicating the classes for which you are registered. If a red stop sign appears at the bottom of the page, there has been a registration error and you are not registered for that class. Try again.

If you continue to have trouble registering, contact Lori Richman (515-271-4511, or stop by the Gorsche Student Services Suite, Cartwright Hall, Room 128.

Special registration forms must be submitted to the Gorsche Student Services Suite. Electronic forms will not be accepted.

For assistance scheduling your classes, download the Class Schedule Worksheet.

Additional Information

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