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Final Exams

This page contains information, rules, and procedures for Drake Law School final exams.

View the Spring 2023 Final Exam Schedule and ExamSoft Instructions

Exam Software

See our Exam Software page. 

In order to provide the best possible exam environment for students and ensure the integrity of the exam process, the following administrative rules are in effect. All law students are responsible for knowing and understanding the exam process rules and how they apply to their individual exam schedules.

Set Or Scheduled Exam

The date of 1L exams and some upper-division course exams are set and must be taken on that date. Please see the exam schedule.

Flex or Unscheduled Exam

Unscheduled (flex) exams may be taken any day on the exam schedule. No advance notice is required. All flex exams are ready for students beginning on the first flex day of exams.

Before the Exams

  • Your exam number is provided to you via email. This is the only number you should place on your exams if you are hand writing. All students receive a new exam number each semester. Do not guess your exam number. Do not use an exam number from a previous semester.
  • Students must fill out the exam survey in order to sit for exams. The survey requires you to acknowledge you are bound by the Code of Student Conduct, that you understand the newly implemented exam rules and to provide a cell phone number at which you can be reached during the exam period.
  • Examplify users must be using a laptop configured to connect to a wireless network. Loaner laptops are not available for exams. A limited number of desktops may be available upon request.
  • Chromebooks, Android tablets, and iPads cannot be used to take a test. Microsoft Surface Pro and Microsoft Surface Book are capable since they run Windows 10. Your keyboard MUST be attached.
  • Non-JD students who believe they may qualify for ESL (English as a second language) accommodations should contact Dean Lee-Schneider.
  • ADA (American with Disabilities Act) accommodations require approval from the Student Disability Services Coordinator, Michelle Laughlin (515-271-1835). Accommodations must be renewed each semester. Final arrangements for all accommodations must be made two weeks before the beginning of the final examination period or a midterm.
  • If you have a known illness that prevents you from taking your exams as scheduled, you must make arrangements with Dean Lee-Schneider before exams begin. 
  • If you have an illness or other emergency the day of the exam that prevents you from taking the exam, call Dean Lee-Schneider at 515-271-2948 or Lori Richman, 515-271-4511. A doctor's excuse will be required.

Exam Timing

All law students are responsible for knowing and understanding the exam process rules and how they apply to their individual exam schedules. Exam questions are embedded into Examplify and will be visible to you when you log in.  Be sure to read the entire question, this may require you to scroll through the question.

  • All Exams (flex and set): Students are expected to check in at the top of the stairs in Cartwright between 8:15 - 8:45. You need to be in Examplify and ready to begin the exam at 9:00 a.m.

Start of an Exam

  • The exam administrator will leave the room after the exam has been officially started.
  • Any student who has a question or problem during an exam should go to Cartwright 202. Roving proctors will frequently sweep the exam rooms during the exam administration.
  • Cameras in the exam areas will be running at all times.
  • Students may go to the restroom or take a break during an exam; however, all exam materials must be left in the exam room.
  • Laptop users should also click "View" and "Hide Screen" when leaving your seat.
  • The clock keeps ticking during breaks—there is no adjusted length of time.
  • Students may not speak to one another during the administration of exam.

End of an Exam

  • If you finish your exam before time is called, place your scratch paper and any used Blue Books in the box located in the front of the room.  Bluebook users should put their exam number on the blue book, do NOT write your name on the bluebook.
  • ExamSoft users must completely exit the exam and verify the upload before putting scratch paper in the designated box and exiting the exam space.
  • Examplify will automatically upload at the completion of the exam time. Do not close your laptop until you've received the green check mark with confirmation of upload.
  • After placing your scratch paper in the designated box, leave the area quickly and quietly. Students who are still taking exams deserve your consideration.

General Exam Rules

  • Students will not get exams in hard copy and there is not an option to print exams.
  • No device capable of recording, transmitting, or otherwise interfering with the exam may be used, including cell phones, iPods, cameras, digital or tape recorders, smart watches, or any similar devices.
  • You may only have in your possession what is allowed by your specific exam instructions.
  • If a student needs to write their exam, blue books will be provided.
  • To preserve exam anonymity, at no time should a student inform a professor of a problem related to the taking of an exam. If you have any exam administration issues you wish to discuss, including serious illness or death in the family, contact Dean Lee-Schneider via email or at 515-271-2948.
  • All students are bound by the Code of Student Conduct. Because the student body polices itself, it is imperative that all students review the Drake Law School Code of Student Conduct.
  • All students taking an in-school exam on a laptop must use ExamSoft software, unless otherwise specified in their exam instructions. Loaner laptops are not available during exams, however, there are a very limited number of desktops available.
  • If you have a computer malfunction during the exam notify the exam coordinators in room 202. In order to not lose time, students should switch to blue book as IT assistance may not be immediately available.

Exam Instructions (Spring 2023)

Read by exam administrator prior to the start of each exam.   

  • All electronic devices, including smart watches, are banned during this exam.  Turn off and store these items in your backpack.
  • You may only have the materials allowed by your specific exam instructions.
  • Please place your bags, backpacks, purses, coats/jackets at the front of the room.
  • Your exam end time is written on the board.  We will call time to end the exam.
  • If you are using Examplify, you will be automatically exited at the completion of your exam.
  • Remember you are bound by the Code of Student conduct.  Do not discuss any exam with any student at any time.
  • Only use the paper provided as scratch paper.  Do not use blue books as scratch paper.
  • Unless otherwise specified in your instructions, computer users are required to answer multiple choice questions in Examplify.  Always follow your specific instructions. Navigate carefully through multiple choice questions.
  • If you have any questions or if you need tech support during your exam, please go to room 202.
  • If you're using Examplify and you experience computer malfunctions during the exam, you are not allowed to switch to another computer. 
    • If you're using Examplify and you experience computer malfunctions during the exam, you are not allowed to switch to another computer. Please attempt one restart immediately when experiencing problems.  If you are able to restart, you can enter your exam with no time lost.  I
    • f you are unable to restart or cannot reenter into Examplify, please come immediately to Student Services for IT support or to switch to bluebook.
  • Be sure to upload your exam.  After your computer closes out of Examplify, wait for the upload confirmation, make sure you receive it on your screen.  Do not close your laptop until you have seen the green mark.  If your exam does not upload, the exam coordinator will contact you to complete the process.
  • When you complete your exam, place used scratch paper in the completed exam box at the front of the room.
  • If you complete your exam early, be courteous, pack up and leave quietly.
  • You must enter into your exam in Examplify immediately after I say begin.
  • Expect that proctors will roam during the exams.

ADA Exams

  • Non-JD students who believe they may qualify for ESL (English as a Second Language) accommodations should contact Dean Lee Schneider.
  • ADA (American with Disabilities Act) accommodations require approval from the Student Disability Services Coordinator, Michelle Laughlin (515-271-1835). Accommodations must be renewed each semester. Final arrangements for all accommodations must be made two weeks before the beginning of the final examination period or a midterm.
  • If you receive a time accommodation, be sure to check each of your exams to confirm your exam is set for the appropriate time limit. If your accommodation has not been applied to the test, contact Lori Richman. To check your time limit look under Exam Settings in Examplify.

Inclement Weather Procedure

  • Students can find out about weather delays and closures through one of the following:
  • The Drake University cancellation line (515-271-4545)
  • Local television and radio stations
  • Drake Law School social media

Take-Home Exams

Take-home exams will be distributed through TWEN. Follow the professor's instructions for the exam.

Make-up Exams

Permission to take a final exam on a date or at a time other than scheduled shall be granted only in the following circumstances:

  1. Where illness to the student prevents taking the exam.
  2. Where the student has two exams scheduled at the same time or the same day.
  3. Where the student has final exams on two or more consecutive days*
  4. Where taking an exam on a particular day conflicts with a religious obligation of the student*
  5. In the discretion of the Assistant Dean's Office for extraordinary circumstances.
  6. Students shall apply for permission to make up an exam by contacting Dean Lee Schneider.

*Note: A student who elects to request a make-up exam under provisions (2), (3), or (4) above will be required to take the make-up exam on a scheduled make-up day selected by the assistant dean. If taking the exam on the make-up day causes the student to have exams on two or more consecutive days, provision (3) above will not be a valid basis for rescheduling one of those exams.

Exemptions (1) and (5):
When exemptions are granted under provisions (1) or (5) above, the assistant dean shall schedule make-up exams as soon as practicable after the regular exam session.

Exemptions (2), (3), or (4):
Exemption requests under provisions (2), (3) or (4) above shall be filed at least three weeks before the exam period starts each semester.

Order of Make-up Exams
Where two course exams are to be held the same day or at the same time, students who have a conflict will take the exam with the higher course number as their make-up exam at a date to be fixed by the assistant dean. Where the student has final exams scheduled on two or more consecutive days, the second exam in the series will be taken as the make-up exam. Every effort will be made to schedule all students taking the same make-up exam at the same time.

Early Exams

No final exams may be distributed to a class (take-home exams) prior to the first day of the final examination period. Students are not permitted to take a fixed exam prior to the scheduled exam date.

If You Need Assistance

If you have an illness, computer malfunction or other emergency the day of the exam that prevents you from taking the exam, call one of the numbers below. Do not call your professor

  • Examplify’s 24/7 Helpline: 1-866-429-8889. press 1 for support after you first dial, then you will be provided additional options:

    #1 for username and password
    #2 to confirm exam upload
    #3 for all other questions 

  • Lori Richman: 515-271-4511
  • Dean Lee Schneider: 515-271-2948
  • Drake ITS: 515-271-3001
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