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The following is the A.B.A. Standard 301 Statement Regarding Learning Outcomes for the Social Justice and Public Interest Lawyering Certificate:

  • Learn about substantive areas of law from the perspective of underrepresented and/or oppressed communities.
  • Understand the historical and ongoing role the legal system plays in addressing, perpetuating, or otherwise influencing the rights and interests of underrepresented persons or communities.
  • Develop advocacy skills in the context of representing underrepresented persons or communities, whether through public policies, changes within the legal system, or litigation.
  • Develop lawyering skills specific to working with one or more underrepresented group, including development of interpersonal skills and cultural competencies in a clinical or internship setting.
  • Write a substantive paper about a topic that relates to the rights and interests of underrepresented and/or oppressed persons or communities within the legal system.
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