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Moot Court Registration

This page provides a breakdown of Drake Law School competition team and moot court registration.

Students must register themselves for ALL courses.

Team Course Name/ Number Credits Grade   
When to Register Grade/Credit Semester
National Moot Court Moot Court – National Comp (LAW 415) 2 credits Graded Spring Fall
ABA Moot Court Moot Court ABA Comp (LAW 418) 2 credits Graded Fall Spring
Environmental Moot Court Moot Court– Environmental Law Comp (LAW 416) 1 credit per semester Graded Spring/Fall Fall/ Spring
IP Moot Court Moot Court-IP Moot Court (LAW 417) 2 credits Graded Fall Spring
AAJ Mock Trial Moot Court- AAJ Mock Trial* LAW 422) 2 credits CR/NC Fall Spring
TYLA Mock Trial Moot Court- National Mock Trial* (LAW 421) 2 credits CR/NC Fall Spring
Arbitration Moot Court- Arbitration** (LAW 424) 1 credit CR/NC Spring Fall
Client Counseling Moot Court- Client Counseling (LAW 419) 1 credit CR/NC Fall Spring
Negotiations Moot Court- Negotiations (LAW 420) 1 credit CR/NC Selected in Fall Fall
Moot Court Board Moot Court Board (LAW 413) 1 credit per semester CR/NC Fall/Spring Fall/Spring
Supreme Court Day Competition Moot Court Board- Sup Ct Day Comp
(LAW 414)
2 credits Graded Fall or Early Spring Spring

*Students on a mock trial team must give their ID number to the Moot Court Board president and Lori Richman one week before course registration for the fall or immediately after accepting their position on a team—whichever is later—in order to be pre-registered for Evidence and Trial Advocacy for the fall semester. Students who fail to do so run the risk of not getting into those courses and jeopardizing their spot on the mock trial team.

**Students on the arbitration team are encouraged to register for Evidence and Trial Advocacy for the fall semester during course registration in the spring. These students do not have a registration preference and will not be pre-registered for those courses by the administration.

Additional Information

Students should register the semester before the term for which you will receive credit.

If a team is chosen after the add period, students must submit an add slip within a week of the date they are notified. Students who fail to do so will not receive credit.

If you choose to participate in any of the above-listed competition teams or moot court courses for credit (either graded or ungraded), you must register yourself for the course during the registration period.

If you fail to do so, you will not receive credit for your participation on a team or Moot Court Board without a showing of extraordinary circumstances to the associate dean.

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