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Student Support Services

Academic Support

Academic Success Program 
Contact: Liz Battles, Director of Academic Success Programs

Academic Accommodations Related to Disability
Contact: Dean Liz Battles

Podcast Access
Contact: Kristi Longtin, Lamberti Bay Administrative Assistant

Emotional and Mental Health Support

** If you are in crisis and need to speak with a licensed counselor immediately, contact the helpline at 833-646-1526. **

For general information and referrals to services -  Contact Dean Liz Battles. 

For an appointment with the Law School's designated counselor, Sydnee Feuerhelm, call the Drake University Counseling Center at 515-271-3864.

Register for Uwill Student Mental Health and Wellness app. Uwill provides telehealth therapy, a 24/7/365 crisis hotline (833-646-1526), and various wellness resources and videos (i.e., improving sleep, stress management, self-esteem and MORE). 

Drake Law Library Complete Guide to Managing Stress, Finding Help, and Succeeding in Law School 


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