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Individual Leadership Award Nominations


Class Year Awards- Awarded to first-year through senior/P2 students who have made extraordinary contributions through leadership and involvement in the Drake community. They have demonstrated their commitment in making Drake a better place. Their academic and extracurricular involvement, as well as their character, exemplifies the best in all Drake students.

Outstanding President/Chairperson Award- Awarded to a University-recognized student organization president or chairperson who has demonstrated outstanding leadership. This student's work represents the ideals of the organization and his or her innovative ideas have strengthened the character of the organization and fostered campus unity.

Outstanding Student Organization Officer - Awarded to a University-recognized student organization office who has exhibited outstanding leadership for their organization and campus community during their term. This person has gone above and beyond their organizational responsibilities to have a positive impact on their organization’s members and the campus community. New in 2016

Outstanding Residence Hall Leader Award- Given to a student who possesses strong leadership characteristics and exhibits an outstanding commitment to building community in their on-campus living environment.

Drake Service Award:Individual - Given to an individual who has demonstrated commitment to build up relationships in communities of which they are a part through the depth and/or breadth of their involvements. This student has provided meaningful service that has strengthened relationships between Drake University and the Greater Des Moines community. 

Wanda E. Everage Peer Mentor Award- This award is given to a student who has made an extraordinary contribution to the life of another Drake student or students. Most notably, their commitment to others has distinguished them as an outstanding peer mentor. This award is named in honor of Wanda E. Everage whose twenty-four year career at Drake was marked by a unique passion for mentoring students and empowering them to build meaningful relationships with their peers.

Oreon E. Scott Award - Exemplary Senior at Drake
The Oreon E. Scott Award recipient is considered to be the outstanding senior student at Drake. Excellence in scholarship, leadership, service and involvement are hallmarks of the Oreon E. Scott Award winner. As part of their honor, the recipient will have the opportunity to speak at Commencement. This award requires additional supporting information. 

Organization Adviser of the Year- this award is presented to an adviser who has served a Drake University group above and beyond expectations. The adviser has a strong belief in the organization, a willingness to commit sufficient time to the organization, encourages the development of responsibility and leadership in students, and displays an interest in students’ personal growth and development. This individual may be new to the position or may have been working with the group for several years. New in 2016

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