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Oreon E. Scott Award

Oreon E. Scott was a former Drake governing board member who turned his success as a St. Louis real estate businessman into a lifetime of philanthropy for the Disciples of Christ Church, which founded Drake in 1881. 

Given annually since 1949, the Oreon E. Scott Award recipient is considered to be the exemplary senior student leader at Drake. Excellence in scholarship, leadership, service, and involvement are hallmarks of the Oreon E. Scott Award winner. As part of their honor, the recipient will have the opportunity to speak at commencement in May. This award requires additional supporting information, including a letter of nomination and the nominee's current resumé. Detailed instructions can be found in the Adams Leadership Convocation nomination form here.

2022 Recipient:

Madyson Sklar 

Madyson Sklar Profile Photo

Congratulations to Madyson Sklar, the 2022 Oreon E. Scott Senior of the Year! Here’s what Madyson's nominators shared about her impact on campus:
Madyson Sklar embodies everything that it means to be the Oreon E. Scott outstanding senior at Drake. Among her accomplishments are being a Crew Scholar, being on the Dean’s Advisory Council, working in many different capacities in admissions, and serving as president of Unity Roundtable. She has also given multiple scholarly presentations and won more than a few academic awards. Madyson is not just a wonderful student and very active member of the campus community; she is also an activist in the best sense of the term. She works every day to make Drake better, to make the lives of Drake students better, and to improve the campus community.”
-Dr. Beth Younger, Professor of English, Women's & Gender Studies
"Madyson Sklar has had a major impact on not only the Crew program, but also Drake University in general. She is a force of tenacity, advocacy, and care. In the Crew Scholars program, I am proud to have the opportunity to work with Madyson and observe first-hand how she affects not only current students, but prospective students as well. As a crew scholar assistant and also in the admissions office, Madyson spends a significant amount of her time giving back to other students, particularly students of color. In addition to knowing when to take charge, she also knows when to step back and allow students to find their way.”
-Jazlin Coley-Smith, Director of Equity & Inclusion
Madyson has a rich history at Drake of experiences, challenges, and successes. Drake has provided a wonderful platform for her to grow, experience and find her passions and she has taken advantage of every opportunity, and created new ones! We are a stronger university for Madyson’s engagement and leadership these past four years.” – Deneen Dygert, Associate Director of Admission
"Madyson Sklar has been a mentor to me since I stepped on this campus. I met her through the student senate where she was so eager to help me with anything I needed and ever since then she hasn't stopped sticking by me. I have gotten the privilege of seeing Maydson in many different roles. Whether that be as a friend, as a boss, or as a leader she has gone above and beyond in every way I know her. I have experienced Madyson's leadership skills in positions such as Student Senates Equity and Inclusion senator, Unity Roundtable President which is the governing body for multicultural organizations, and one of the creators of the Black Lives Matter forum. I have been able to see an astonishing amount of passion for change from Madyson, a passion that has stuck with me in everything I do. In these leadership roles, she has bettered people, she has bettered me." -Ruwayda Egal, Drake University sophomore
"While many students I have encountered during my 20+ years of teaching became involved in student or community groups just to add a line or two to their résumés, Ms. Sklar is clearly committed to her principles. She has an upbeat attitude as well—instead of dwelling on problems, she looks for solutions and finds ways to implement them. In this way, she is the kind of role model I would want for the many college students I know." -Dr. Megan Brown, Professor of English
"Over the course of two years, Madyson has truly become a mentor for me. She made sure I felt supported in classes, checked in on me when I was feeling under the weather, and kept me accountable in my school work. Madyson is unique in this way. She cares for people not by coddling them, but by ensuring that those she supports are aware of their worth and their incredible capacity for success. It is my genuine belief that through her work with the Crew Scholars program and the Coalition of Black Students, Madyson Sklar has made a long term positive impact on this university. Her tireless work for equity and excellence has made Drake a safer, more inclusive space." -Aanika Pfister, Drake University sophomore

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