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Parcel Shipping

Drake University uses USPS and UPS for both incoming and outgoing packages as well as incoming FedEx packages.

Outgoing FedEx packages will need to be dropped off at the nearest OnSite drop off.

Drake Postal Operations accepts outgoing packages for these carriers on a daily basis. Simply place your parcels in or around your blue departmental mail bag before your department’s last pick up time and we will include it with our outgoing shipments. For larger items, please contact us prior to pick up so we can make any special accommodations. 

Each department is able to select the shipping carrier of their choice; check with your office administrator to see which one is commonly used for your department. If your department does not use a common shipping carrier, contact Drake Postal Operations at 271-3162 and we can help you select the best option.

Before you call, please have the recipient address and phone number, general dimensions of your package (length x width x height), and an estimated weight so we can properly price your shipment.

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