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2020 Symposium

Student Research Highlights from the March 6, 2020 Symposium

Global Health & Medicine

  • Niyongere, Jenna. Global Barriers to Generic Antiepileptic Medication Use. 
  • Michalec, Robyn. Mental Health and Belonging: An Analysis of Syrian Refugees and the Trauma They Face in Greek Refugee Camps. (Mental Health and Belonging)

Society & Culture

  • Wildman, Ashley. British Identity and Culture.
  • Nixa, Alex. Accessing Nepali Women’s Legal Pathways.
  • Max Brown, Emily Hanna, Brenna Molnau. Case Study in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma: An Analysis of Socio-cultural Indicators.

Cultura y sociedad (en español)

  • Martin, Josie. La influencia dañina de La Llorona en el papel de las madres mexicanas.

Transnational Perspectives

  • Acosta, Aileen. The Relationship Between Undocumented Students and Urban Education through Immigration Policies.
  • Topliff, Maddie. The True Americanization of Mexico: U.S.’s facilitation of domestic and international gun violence. (The Americanization of Mexico)
  • Rivas, Enrique. Reproductive Politics: Guatemala & U.S. Transnational Adoptions.