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2023 Symposium

Student Research Highlights from the March 3, 2023 Symposium

This annual student showcase took place as part of the spring Global Citizen Forum. The theme for the 2023 Global Citizen Forum was Social impact and responsibility.

How can students, faculty, staff and recent graduates of Drake be engaged in improving society and being active stewards for the common good? This theme aligns with University's mission to prepare students for responsible global citizenship and The Ones Campaign Every Bulldog a Changemaker initiative.

The symposium featured student presentations addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which provide a framework for tackling complex global pressing issues such as poverty, sustainable communities, climate action, and justice.

In conjunction with the student symposium, the Drake Department of Political Science presented a faculty panel examining current global events and issues from multiple perspectives.

Session 1.1 Quality Education

Education Policy and Religious Fundamentalism: Rhetoric of Culture Crisis and School Choice, by Hannah Schurz. 

An Analysis of the Impact of Teacher Feedback on Voice Student’s Self-Determination, by Ollie Kress.

Session 1.2 Climate Action

Assembling to Organize: Applying Assemblage Theory to Flooding Ecosystem Disservices to Promote Community Organizing, by Lauren Krake.

Mní Wičóni: Water is Life, by Madeline Hergott.

Session 2.1 Good Health & Well Being

Pregnant and Incarcerated - A Population Overlooked by Rachel Shugarts.

Effects of Antenatal Care (ANC) on Maternal and Fetal Outcomes at Pravara Rural Hospital in Loni, India, by Briahna Amundson.

Session 2.2 Gender | Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

Mexico's Femicides & State Responsibility, by Graciela Breton-Solano.

A Case Against Banning Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems, by Jazmine Guzman.

Session 3 Faculty Panel "What's Happening in the World?"

Presented by faculty members David Skidmore, Mary McCarthy, and Kieran Williams from the Drake Department of Political Science

Session 4 En español "Mujeres investigan: Cultura y sociedad iberoamericana a través de literatura y testimonio" (Women Investigate: Iberoamerican Culture and Society through Literature and Testimony)

Estigma de la salud mental, by Alexa Andrews.

Leyendas: el diablo, la noche, la muerte y el miedo, by Merlin Joya-Gomez.

Aventuras tras el tiempo y espacio, conversaciones con Alma, by Bridgid Miller.

"No hay nada aquí": Cambio climático y migración, by Jenna Peterson.

La experiencias similares de dos inmigrantes en los Estados Unidos, by Emily Scott.

Madres fuertes sin nombres, by Jane Swanberg.

Las creencias mayas sobre la naturaleza: La mitologia y el activismo, by Kate Wilson.