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2022 Symposium

Student Research Highlights from the March 4, 2022 Symposium

Session 1.1 En español

Grace Robinson and Kayla Markuson

Political and cultural conflicts

Session 1.2 Justice and Religion in Black America

Abena Sankofa Rudison-Imhotep

Black nonperformance as a Strategy for Achieving Racial Justice


Morgan Coleman

Filling the Gap-Islam in Black America

Session 1.3 Immigration and Human Rights

Nadia Treichel

The American Dream: Why Immigrants are Dying for a Country that Does Not Want Them


Jazmine Guzman

Human Rights Discourse and Violence in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Session 2.1 En español

Camryn Huyser, Sarah Bouska, Cora Holt, and Abby Marting

Access to health and linguistic resources

Session 2.2 Law, Politics and Society

Maia Songer

The Perpetuation of Victim Blaming in Sexual Assault and Rape in the Law


Rebecca Clair

Access and Control: The influence of international law, domestic politics, and social movement on reproductive rights

Session 2.3 Conversations around Equity

Annika Meyers and Teagan Gourley

Evaluating Food disparities in highest and lowest-income elementary schools in the Polk County


David Reid

Dissembling social constructs and the regulatory framework inhibiting architectural ability: equity as the driver, architect as the facilitator

Session 3.1 En español

Gabby Ochoa, Taylor Corn, and Sam Hatfield

Race, discrimination, and under representation

Session 3.2 The Environment and Us

Ella K Field and Meredith Miklos

Comparing urban planning, areas of high flood concern, and topography in vulnerable populations in Des Moines, IA.


Emma M Cress and Lauren Krake

Reviewing quantifying ecosystem services literature applicable to flood mitigation strategies in Des Moines, Iowa and Jakarta, Indonesia

Session 3.3 Blackness – Past and Present

Marlee Rutledge

Black Placemaking – Blackness in Urbanism


Madeleine Leigh

Detroit Will Breathe – Analyzing past and present police reform efforts in Detroit