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Spring semester is packed with exciting events and traditions like Arch Madness, street painting, and Drake Relays that bring amazing energy to campus. However, academic success remains the primary focus. 

Access & Success is committed to providing support to students throughout their academic journey, regardless of their past experiences or achievements. Whether students had a great fall semester or faced challenges that need addressing, our team is dedicated to offering personalized guidance, resources, and encouragement to help every student reach their full potential. 

  1. Disability Services Renewal: It's crucial for students with disabilities to renew their accommodations each semester to ensure they receive the support they need to succeed academically. Reminding students to renew their accommodations can help them start the semester on the right foot and access the resources and accommodations they require.
  2. Academic Coaching: Academic coaching offers valuable strategies and skills to help students excel in their studies. From time management to note-taking and organization, these coaching sessions can empower students to develop effective study habits and achieve their academic goals. Encouraging students to take advantage of academic coaching can set them up for success throughout the semester.
  3. Tutoring Services: Tutoring services, including the Writing Center and Speaking Center, provide valuable support to students seeking assistance with course material, writing assignments, and public speaking skills. Encouraging students to utilize tutoring resources can help them clarify concepts, improve their writing, and enhance their communication skills. 

By helping promote awareness of these support services and resources, we can empower students to overcome academic challenges, develop essential skills, and thrive in their academic pursuits. If there's anything we can do to further support your students, please don't hesitate to reach out. Here's to a successful semester for all!  

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