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Summer & Fall 2024 Course Registration Preview

We know that course registration can be a fast paced and at times stressful for students and their families.  Whether your student is being advising by a faculty advisor or advising specialist, know the Drake advising community takes time each semester to prepare for registration season.

What can my student expect during registration season?

Each semester your student’s college/school dean’s office sends a “pre-registration” email to all of their students that outlines important notes about the upcoming registration period such as…

  • How to schedule an advising appointment to discuss their upcoming semester course plans
  • How to best prepare for the upcoming advising appointment including important links and deadlines
  • How to determine when they can register and troubleshooting tips (including steps to take if a course they want it closed or a time conflict with another recommended course)

What will they discuss during their academic advising appointment?

Here are the most common talking points your student will likely discuss with their advisor as they prepare for course registration.

  1. Current Term Check In:  We check in on how their current term is going to see if they want to make any changes to their course schedule provided the drop deadline has not passed.  Changes to their current schedule could impact course recommendations for the upcoming term(s).
    1. Reminder: All of our important academic dates are listed on the Office of the Registrar webpage
  1. Degree Evaluation Review: It’s important for us to look at your student’s course evaluation at least once a year to make sure they are making satisfactory progress towards their degree(s).
    1. Reminder: Students can access this at anytime in MyDrake > Student Profile
  1. Course Schedule Review: Especially for our students who are new to Drake, it’s helpful for us to show them how to navigate the scheduling system, briefly walk them through its capabilities, and remind them of the resources they have access to if they get stuck. 
    1. Reminder: Summer & Fall Schedule will open on Monday, March 11.
  2. Course Recommendations: Once your student connects with an advisor, we will provide them with course recommendations for the summer and/or fall term.  We can also help with course recommendations for courses outside of Drake, should they want to take summer courses at a community college closer to home.

How can I help my student during course registration?

As we all know, it takes a village to support our students.  The Drake advising community welcomes your support by encouraging your student to complete the following tasks.

  1. SCHEDULE: Once they are invited to schedule an appointment with their advisor, they should schedule an appointment to discuss the upcoming term. Reminder: Each unit conducts advising a little differently so it’s important your student reads their unique “pre-registration” email for the appropriate instructions
  2. READ: All email communications their college/school deans office or advisor sends them before and after their advising appointment
  3. ATTEND: Group advising, or registration help sessions offered, especially if they are new to the Drake registration system
  4. USE: The troubleshooting tips or help guides provided by their college/school dean’s office or advisor to navigate common registration challenges such as closed or time conflict courses, registration errors, holds etc.
  5. Preparation: We like to see all our students register when it’s their time.  However, if your student has a hold on their account that prevents registration, they will need to have it resolved prior to registration. This is the most common item that delays timely registration.

Please know we are here to support you and your student as we prepare for a successful registration season!

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