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Sophomore Year Housing – Selection and Sign-up

Students will receive an email to their email account containing information about the housing process sign-up for the 2024-2025 school year. This email will be sent in February or early March, students will need to make sure they are checking their Drake email account.

The email will contain the following points of information:

  • Room Sign-up Letter
  • Housing Room Sign-up Newsletter
  • Quick Reference Sheet
  • J-Term Housing Q & A
  • FAQ Housing Sign-up Process

Parents and families will be able to view the same information on the Returning Student Housing Sign-up Information Page. It can be viewed at:

PLEASE NOTE: the current information on the page will reflect the process from last year but it will give you an insight into what to expect for the coming year. When the information is emailed to the students email, the page will be updated to reflect the 2024-2025 process.

Residents living in the first-year halls will not be able to remain in their first-year hall.  Students will need to select a hall/room placement in a hall reserved for upper-class residents.

All students must sign-up with a roommate if wanting a double room – one roommate, if wanting a triple room - two roommates, and if wanting a quad room – three roommates. The number of residents must match the total occupancy of the room to sign up. Sign-up occurs during the sign-up period of the roommate with the earliest housing registration/lottery time slot assigned to students.

Student athletes, students in the CREW program, or other special population groups will sign up as part of the general housing sign-up process. Students in these groups will choose the students that they wish to sign up with as roommates.

The Office of Residence Life does not complete any pairings.  Those who have not chosen a roommate(s) or elect to go with a “random roommate” assignment will submit their application as roommateless as noted in the process information. These students will be assigned accordingly by the placement system based on the information available in the housing application.

Students wishing to live in a single room next year (2024-2025) will need to participate in single room sign-up which occurs priorto the regular room sign-up process. Single room sign-up is not based on the lottery timeslot order.

PLEASE NOTE: individuals currently in a single room assignment are not guaranteed single room placement for the next year. Medical documentation for a single room will need to be filed with SDS (Student Disability Services) in the Office of Access and Success each academic year.

Roommateless – Meet and Greet

The Residence Hall Association will be hosting a roommate Meet and Greet for those who do not have a roommate for the next year. This is also for individuals who are looking for a roommate to add to an existing group that may need a roommate to acquire the room type they are seeking. The number of individuals in a roommate group must match the room type requested, for example, a quad room (4-person room) must have four individuals in the roommate group to register for this room. There will be information coming out from housing office toward the end of this month.

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