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Summer School Faculty Compensation Policy

Policy Title: Summer School Faculty Compensation Policy

Summary: Guidelines for faculty compensation.

Policy Category: Academics
Policy Owner: Provost Office
Policy Status: Approved. Amended October 2018.
Effective Date: February 1, 2012

Policy Document

Compensation for summer teaching by full-time 9-month faculty will be determined according to the following guidelines:

a. Full-time faculty will receive .0275 of their previous academic-year salary for credit hour of course work taught, or a minimum of $1,700 per credit hour, during a summer term.

b. Income from any three-credit course must exceed the faculty member's salary by $1,000 or the course will be canceled.  The amount of income in excess of the faculty member's salary required will be adjusted proportionately for courses that are more or less than three credits.

c. Minimum class size for full compensation is 10 students.  Classes enrolling fewer than five students will be cancelled.

d. A faculty member has the option of teaching courses with reduced compensation when enrollment is below the minimum of 10 students but above 5 students.  The faculty member must decide whether he or she will teach five business days prior to the start of the class.  In such cases, minimum enrollment is determined by the number of students in attendance the first day of class.  The provisions noted in (b) apply in all cases when enrollment is below the minimum 10 students.

e. Faculty members will not receive extra compensation because of high enrollments in summer courses.

f. The current summer independent study policies are retained.

A faculty member receives 65% of tuition income fo summer independent studies (1). The maximum number of independent studies a faculty member may supervise is 12 credit hours.  The faculty member is not paid until the grade is submitted.  Summer independent studies must be completed by the last day of the fall semester.

g. Faculty members will not be compensated for summer practica and internships.  Exceptions must be approved by both the Dean and the Provost.

(1) Independent studies includes directed research.



Applicable Resources:

Faculty Manual - Section 4:22