Political Science

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Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science
Office Location: Meredith 211
Phone Number: 515-271-2508

Sharonda Woodford is originally from Jackson, MS.  She earned her Ph.D. from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, and her BA and MA in political science from Jackson State University.  She specializes in American Politics, focusing on racial and ethnic politics, Identity Politics, and Public Policy.  Her current research interests include examining the media framing and media agenda-setting of housing and housing policy and the media framing of Black masculine, queer women and the political behavior of Black masculine, queer women.

Woodford has taught several courses, including American Government, Black Political Participation, The Black Athlete, and more.  Woodford strives to create open and safe spaces for intellectual growth.  Woodford is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion through research, teaching, and service. 

In addition, on numerous occasions, Woodford has been an invited panelist, discussant, speaker, and lecturer.  Woodford is the recipient of numerous awards for her teaching and research. 

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