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Bachelor of Arts in International Relations

The International Relations major prepares students for responsible global citizenship and entry into internationally related jobs in government, business, or international public or private agencies.

The curriculum features a core set of political science courses dealing with international security, international law and international political economy. Regional and thematic concentrations allow students to explore international affairs through multiple disciplinary perspectives, including history, sociology, economics and political science. Learning a foreign language is strongly encouraged, as is study abroad.

Drake International Relations alumni have gone onto careers as diplomats, soldiers, intelligence analysts, humanitarian aid workers, international lawyers, educators, and business executives. Drake alumni with degrees in International Relations have pursued graduate study at prestigious universities such as Stanford, George Washington, Tufts, Johns Hopkins, Oxford and the London School of Economics. Many have been awarded Fulbright or Truman Scholarships or served in the Peace Corps.

Current Catalog Requirements for a B.A. in International Relations
Prior Catalog Requirements

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