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Human Rights Studies Minor

The Human Rights Studies minor at Drake University emerges out of a vision of human rights focused on everyday life. Consistent with perspectives calling for the localization of global initiatives, the Human Rights Studies minor emphasizes the role that individual citizens and civil society can play in transforming institutions and advancing global human rights in domestic political and professional spaces where they live, study, and work. By encouraging deep engagement with diverse perspectives on questions related to human rights, Drake's Human Rights Studies minor is designed to deepen students’ comprehension of various dimensions of difference and will contribute to their development of global and intercultural understanding.

Minors must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours in approved coursework.

  1. Three core requirements (9 hrs):
    1. POLS 150: Human Rights and World Politics (3 hrs) - offered in the Fall semester
    2. POLS 133: Case Studies in Comparative and Transnational Human Rights (3 hrs) - offered in the Spring semester
    3. POLS 151: Transnational Advocacy Networks (3 hrs) - offered in the Spring semester
  2. Additionally, students must complete 9 credit hours of electives from an approved course list that will be shared with advisors and students who have declared the minor prior to registration each semester. For planning purposes, students may consult this list of potential elective course options.
  3. The minor requires completion of at least 12 credit hours that are not counted towards a second major, minor, or concentration in order to ensure that multiple credentials represent the attainment of distinct competencies.
  4. For graduation, minors must have at least a 2.00 cumulative GPA in all courses counted towards the minor.

Students should work with an advisor for the Human Rights Studies program in selecting their elective courses. International Relations or Politics majors may work with their current advisor to plan for their completion of the minor. Students in other majors may seek advising from Department of Political Science faculty who will contribute coursework to the program, including Professors Debra DeLaet, Mary McCarthy, David Skidmore, and Kieran Williams.


To faculty: If you are interested in having your course count as an elective for the Human Rights Studies minor, please submit your syllabus here.

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