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Program Coursework

Must complete 18 credits, as outlined below. 

The 6 courses required for the endorsement are:

TESL 101/201/211 Introduction to Teaching English Learners 3 credits
TESL 102/202/212 Intercultural Communication for Teachers 3 credits
TESL 103/203/213 Issues and Assessment of English Language Learning 3 credits
TESL 104/204/214 Strategies for Teaching English Learners 3 credits
TESL 105/205/215 Teaching Reading and Writing to English Learners 3 credits
TESL 106/206/216  Methods of Linguistic Differentiation for English Learners  3 credits 

Note that 100-level courses are for undergraduates and 200-level courses are for graduate students. If the course number has a zero in the middle (e.g., 101), it is taught in a blended format (partially online and partially face-to-face), while course numbers with a one in the middle are taught fully online. The same course objectives are addressed regardless of delivery format.

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