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Talented and Gifted Endorsement

This online endorsement program is available at the graduate and undergraduate level for educators interested in leading talented and gifted students.  In addition to the State of Iowa, this coursework has been approved by the State of Illinois in partial fulfillment of the 24-credit hour Illinois Talented and Gifted endorsement.  Teachers from Illinois can take this endorsement online plus an additional 12 credits and know that it will automatically be approved and added to their licenses.  

Expand your skills as an educator and administrator, and experience the rewards of teaching intelligent and engaged learners by obtaining your Talented and Gifted (TAG) Endorsement from Drake University. Our award-winning curriculum provides high-quality content you won’t find in other programs, and our innovative use of technology makes it easier than ever to become endorsed.

All classes are online, so you can take classes when they fit your schedule. Classes last only four to eight weeks, and the endorsement can easily be completed in one year. But we don’t sacrifice content for brevity: Drake’s School of Education is known for its top-notch curriculum, and the TAG endorsement is no exception. As part of your program you will complete a practicum in your own school district, providing valuable hands-on experience.

Upon completion of your endorsement, you’ll have access to the extensive Drake network present in numerous school districts throughout the nation. With the TAG endorsement, you will have skills to promote and nurture the abilities of talented and gifted children and further their well-being. 

What you need to know

  • 12-credit-hour program
  • All classes are fully online.  See current Talented and Gifted Course Schedule
  • Courses are led by experienced and knowledgeable faculty
  • Drake University is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC)
  • Approved by the Iowa Department of Education
  • Endorsement is valid in all states with approval of your state department of education
  • Currently serving students in 25 states and 8 countries
  • Curriculum based on National Association for Gifted Children standards

Student Feedback

"Although the courses are offered online, students engage in collaborative work and discussions with fellow teachers from across the country through blogs, wikis, and phone chats. The videos and readings added to my knowledge base, and the assignments were meaningful for a teacher in the field of gifted education. I highly recommend this program."

"The courses have been helpful not only in understanding the academic and social-emotional needs of gifted students, but all my students. I really like the fact that many of the learning and projects can be tailored to my own classroom experiences and used in the future. I also like the consistent interaction with students from all over the country."

"The coursework I have experienced through Drake University in the area of gifted and talented endorsement is top-notch in preparation for teaching gifted students. Instructors' teaching methods are up-to-date and are as challenging and relevant as you want your curriculum to be for your gifted students. I highly recommend this program."


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Sally Beisser, PhD
Professor of Education
Iowa Campus Compact Senior Faculty Fellow

Learn More

  • Financial Aid: Teachers in shortage areas, as designated by the Iowa Department of Education, may be eligible for college student forgivable loans through both state and federal programs. TAG has been identified as a shortage area. Information regarding application for forgivable loans is available at the Iowa College Student Aid Commission website.
  • Licensure: Contact Aggie Jones at aggie.jones@drake.edu or 1-800-44-DRAKE, x3769. Send $50 with evidence of course completion.
  • Tuition and Fees
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