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Transfer credits are allowed and a Drake advisor will review transcripts and make recommendations for program completion.

Core Course Information

Additional coursework is needed for the complete Iowa license for Middle School educators. Previous undergraduate and graduate hours can be counted toward the endorsement. We offer online the two courses that most educators need to complete this process.

  • EDUC 131/231: Early Adolescent Growth & Development This course is designed for teachers looking to enhance their understanding of middle level learners (grades 5-8).  In addition to exploring the remarkable physical and cognitive changes that early adolescents experience at this time, students will explore best practices for supporting the healthy academic and psychological development of middle school students.
  • EDUC 134/234: Teaching in the Middle School This course is designed to help teachers apply their knowledge of early adolescent learners when planning and implementing instruction in the middle school setting.  Special attention will be given to concept-based unit design, project-based instruction, and performance-based assessment.

Additional Requirements

In addition to the core courses, a minimum of 17 hours of coursework must be completed in two of the following content areas:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
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