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Smart Cars

Kevin Moran                                                          
Executive Director                          

pic of Kevin Moran for website                  


       Michelle Huggins                                                      Rob Ebel
  Planning and Design Manager                     Construction Project Manager
         headshot of Michelle Huggins                                Picture for website  Rob Ebel


Aaron Edwards                                                   Patrick Williams
Builiding and Grounds Manager                    Grounds Supervisor

       headshot picture of Aaron                          FPM Grounds Supervisor


Mitch Wieczorek                                             Tammy Eltayb

Assistant Director /Custodial Manager             Custodial Supervisor


pic of Mitch Wieczorek for website                           headshot picture of Tammy Eltayb


            Brenda McNear                                                    Marla Johnson
            Office Manager                                                 Custodial Liaison

          pic of Brenda McNear for website                             Custodial Liaison

Drake Staff consists of 61 Custodial, 18 Utility Services, 7 Grounds and 12 Building Maintenance personnel.

FPM  Work Order Portal: For internal use only FPM work order portal.

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Facilities Planning & Management: 1422 27th Street

Main office number: 271-3955

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM


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February 4, 2021