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Political Science Major

The Department of Political Science provides a learning environment that produces liberally educated citizens who are fluent in the language of politics and political analysis and thereby have the foundation for both citizenship in a democratic society and successful training in a job, in a graduate school, or in a professional school.

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Strategic Political Communications Major

Students in the Strategic Political Communications program gain the skills to communicate effectively within and through a complex media environment, enabling careers in advocacy, political campaigns, government relations, and related fields.

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Law, Politics and Society Major

The Law, Politics, and Society program is designed to provide students with a broad and interdisciplinary education that contributes to their pre-professional and personal growth, in preparation for effective participation in a civil society and for ethical global citizenship.

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News Major

The Iowa caucuses provide the perfect learning environment for News majors who learn how to report and tell stories that serve the public good; how to gather news and information accurately, fairly, and ethically; and how to produce stories for distribution across traditional and digital media platforms.

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