Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

With Drake's Artificial Intelligence program, you will learn how to think instead of merely what to know, to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of AI.

Artificial intelligence and automation are expected to impact tasks in nearly every industry in the coming decades, with much potential to significantly reshape the workforce.  In light of these impending changes, there is a need for individuals who not only have coding skills but also have a broader outlook, informed by training in the humanities and other disciplines, to understand the impact and implications of AI.

The goal of Drake University's Artificial Intelligence program is to prepare students to be successful in a world in which machines can play an important role. Students in the program will complete a unique curriculum that draws from such areas as computer science, statistics, philosophy, psychology, linguistics, design, business, and law, resulting in a well-rounded education that prepares students to effectively navigate a world that has been revolutionized by AI.


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