Theatre Arts (BA)

Theatre Arts (BA)

PROGRAM OVERVIEW The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre provides students with a solid theatre education and experience. Students complete a core group of theatre courses designed specifically to expose them to all aspects of the art. In addition, students have the opportunity to complete a wide range of theatre electives. With these electives, students can explore one particular area of theatre or create their own mixture of theatre classes. This degree is also designed to facilitate a double major, minor, or dual degree.

FACULTY The Department of Theatre Arts is comprised of seven full-time faculty members. All full-time faculty are engaged in teaching classes from introductory to advanced levels. The inclusive nature of the curriculum means that students will likely take classes with every member of the Department of Theatre Arts as they pursue their degree.

ACADEMIC PREPARATION There are no prerequisite high school courses or requirements needed for enrollment in the B.A. program, but students should have a well-rounded academic high school curriculum. Previous involvement in high school and/or community theatre is strongly recommended.

AUDITION REQUIREMENTS Students interested in pursuing the B.A. are not required to audition for admission to this program, unless they wish to be considered for a fine arts scholarship in theatre. Visit the theatre department webpage to view audition and/or portfolio requirements.

GROUP AUDITION/PORTFOLIO REVIEW DAY SCHEDULE Admission and scholarship auditions are offered for incoming, fall-term, first-year students. Audition dates are in January and February. To register for an admission and/or scholarship audition, visit the theatre department audition webpage.

REQUIREMENTS FOR MAJOR The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts requires a total of 124 credit hours, including a minimum of 35 credit hours in theatre arts core classes, a minimum of 15 credit hours taken in theatre arts electives, and 34 hours in a second academic field. Additional courses comprise the student’s second academic major, minor, or dual degree.

REQUIREMENTS FOR MINOR The theatre arts minor requires 27 credit hours. For both the B.A. in Theatre and the theatre minor, students can take equivalent courses at other institutions. In each instance, students should make certain that both Drake University and the Department of Theatre Arts will accept the equivalent course toward the degree.

DRAKE CURRICULUM The Drake Curriculum, required of all undergraduates, is designed to help students meet personal and professional goals as they acquire fundamental knowledge and abilities in ten Areas of Inquiry. Students work closely with their academic advisers to craft a program of study in general education that prepares students for civic and professional leadership.

The Drake Curriculum also requires a First Year Seminar, which fosters development of critical thinking and written and oral communication skills through a topical focus, and a Senior Capstone in which students demonstrate the capacity to bring information, skills, and ideas to bear on one project.

INTERNSHIPS & OPPORTUNITIES Examples of where theatre students have recently interned include the Santa Fe Opera, the Utah Shakespeare Company, the Goodman Theatre Company, and the National Theatre Institute in Connecticut. This intensive program allows students to work with numerous theatre professionals and to establish possible career ties within the theatre industry. Theatre students also participate in numerous study abroad programs.

There are also numerous opportunities in and around the Des Moines area for students to work and gain experience in theatre while completing their Drake degree.