Undecided / Open Enrolled

Undecided / Open Enrolled

Many students at Drake enroll without declaring a major.

In fact, being “undecided” is a perfectly valid choice at Drake—one that opens up many opportunities for new experiences and academic exploration. Whether you’re a high school student who hasn’t yet chosen a path or a transfer student who just discovered what you don’t want to do, you’ll find the support you need at Drake to get started on building your future.

Part of the advantage of being undecided at Drake is the guidance our faculty advisors provide to help you explore different paths while ensuring your graduation date stays on track. If you declare undecided you will be open-enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences where you will be mentored by a minimum of two advisors—one faculty member with broad knowledge of many disciplines and the assistant or associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Your advisors will work with you to ensure that you take needed prerequisites—classes that can also be used for Area of Inquiry (AOI) credit—while you’re exploring a variety of experiences.

Drake’s Professional and Career Development Services office will also work with you to find career matches through job shadowing, counseling, and career assessment testing.

Depending on what major you ultimately select, you will have until the fourth or fifth semester to declare a major. In the meantime, you will enjoy the full Drake experience, including the choice to take part in honors classes, study abroad, and other offerings, while you are mentored toward a future you can be excited about.

Open Enrolled Programs

College of Arts & Sciences: Open Enrolled

Zimpleman College of Business: Business Studies

School of Journalism & Mass Communication: Open JMC