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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Drake University values diversity as an institutional strength that encompasses a broad range of human differences. Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion acknowledges the role Drake University can play in redressing historic injustices that result in continued marginalization of members of specific groups, and seeks to understand and respond to contemporary calls for inclusivity as necessitated by social justice. Drake University moves past mere tolerance of diversity and creates a culture of inclusion that sees diversity of identities, backgrounds, and ideas as fundamental to our excellence and success as an institution. Learn more about Drake's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and read Drake's Statement of Principles.

Commitment to Racial Justice

The Office of Community Engaged Learning & Service affirms our commitment to racial justice. This newsletter shares ideas on how individuals can educate themselves on topics of racial justice and take action to create change. Visit the Community Engaged Learning Resource Guide for Equity and Inclusion for an Equity-Based Service Learning Toolkit and many other resources. 

Looking to participate in a demonstration or counter-demonstration while guarding your safety and health? A little planning can go a long way, visit the Office of Equity & Inclusion Website for tips on How to Stay Safe & Healthy at a Demonstration.

Response to Sprout garden

On August 23, 2022 racial slurs were found on the whiteboard at Sprout garden. While we don't know who wrote them we take full responsibility for the harm caused, especially to our students of color. What happened in the Sprout Garden was unacceptable. We are listening and learning, and committed to doing better.

What we've done to date: 

  • We've identified steps we need to take moving forward to ensure the whiteboard is cleaned after programming, makers are kept in the shed, and a "see something, say something" expectation is followed.
  • Checked in with Sprout volunteers and staff to discuss what happened and communicated expectations.
  • Public Safety will continue to video record the space and we will be installing signs that say the area is under video recording.

What we commit to doing: 

  • Creating a statement of inclusion for the garden that emphasizes our values, commitment to DEI, and creating a space in which all members of our community are treated with respect and dignity.
  • Including a statement of our values and commitment to DEI in all student job and volunteer descriptions.
  • Improving our volunteer orientation process so that volunteers better understand the purpose and value of the Sprout Garden.
  • Continue participating in DEI training and development

We know this list only touches the surface. Our work towards building an anti-racist and inclusive community requires more than what is on this list. We are committed to taking action and being part of the solution. 

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