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The Master of Science in Counseling is a 48-60 credit hour program offering three areas of specialization. All students complete a core set of classes. You will then select one or more of the specializations to complete, depending on your educational and career goals.

The three specializations are:

Core Courses (33 credit hours)

COUN 200 Introduction to the Counseling Profession
COUN 201 Research in Counseling
COUN 220 Career Counseling
COUN 221 Methods of Counseling
COUN 224 Assessment in Counseling
COUN 225 Human Development and Life Issues
COUN 228 Psychopathology and Psychiatric Disorders
COUN 236 Group Procedures
COUN 245 Understanding Diverse Populations
COUN 250 Trauma and Crisis 
COUN 260 Counseling Practicum

Specialization:  Clinical Mental Health (27 credit hours)

The Clinical Mental Health Specialization will give you the expertise needed to work in a variety of settings, including agencies, group practices, substance abuse treatment centers, hospitals, residential treatment centers, and employee assistance programs.  

All listed courses are 3-credit courses unless otherwise specified

COUN 216 Theory and Technique
COUN 244 Diagnosis
COUN 246 Medical Aspects
COUN 291 Internship (6 credit hours)
COUN 298 Ethics 
COUN Elective
COUN Elective
COUN Elective

Specialization:  Clinical Rehabilitation (27 credit hours) 

The Clinical Rehabilitation Specialization will prepare you to work in state organizations, hospitals, rehabilitation agencies, and private practice, as well as in insurance rehabilitation, for advocacy groups, or as a consultant.  

All listed courses are 3-credit courses unless otherwise specified

COUN 210 Disability Policy 
COUN 216 Theory and Technique
COUN 233 Human Resource Consult
COUN 244 Diagnosis
COUN 246 Medical Aspects
COUN 265 Advanced Placement
COUN 292 Internship (6 credit hours)
COUN Elective

Specialization:  School Counseling (15-24 credit hours)

If you are interested in working in the school setting, the School Counseling Specialization prepares you to work with elementary students, secondary students, or both levels.  Additional coursework is provided if you are not a licensed teacher.  

All listed courses are 3-credit courses unless otherwise specified

COUN 243 Comprehensive School Counseling
COUN 253 Program Implementation
COUN 286 College and Career Readiness 
COUN 290 School Counseling Internship (6 credit hours)

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