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Survey Reports

The vital statistics document offers a description of our Counseling Program - as well as the students we serve. The vital statistics document provides student demographics, enrollment, completion, and student outcome data. 

Vital Statistics 2022-2023

Additional information related to follow-up studies and program evaluation reports can be found below. 


Follow-up Studies

In order to continuously evaluate the program, the counseling program conducts follow up surveys from program graduates, employers and supervisors. These surveys sought to understand program perspectives from the vantage point of current students, recent graduates as well as supervisors and employers who have recently supervised a Drake Counseling Student near the end of the program or hired a recent graduate. (CACREP Section 1. Standard AA.2.) The most recent program surveys can be accessed below.  

Program Evaluation Reports

We strive to continue to build feedback systems into the program to monitor and continuously and systematically assess program learning objectives and student dispositions. As result the counseling faculty assesses course objectives and student dispositions at the end of each course. This information is used to determine which learning objectives and courses are not performing at adequate levels and make appropriate changes in the program. This portion of the Comprehensive Evaluation System is meant to provide program faculty and our advisory bodies with data regarding strengths and areas of growth for the Counseling Program. 

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