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Learn more about our Support Groups, and Programs, and Events

Support Groups

Anxiety Support Groups

Facilitated by Sydnee Feuerhelm (she/her), MSW, LMSW

Anxiety support groups will be held on First Fridays at 1pm, via zoom

Understanding My Anxiety: Gain understanding about anxiety and how it functions in your brain and body. (September 8th)

Grounding Techniques: Learn coping skills that will help decrease your anxiety and panic symptoms. (October 6th)

Social Anxiety: Gain knowledge about social anxiety, common experiences and what you can do to help. (November 3rd)

Test Anxiety: Get prepared for finals and learn about test anxiety, common experiences and what you can do to manage distress. (December 1st)

Link to attend:  

Contact with any questions.

The Mindful Student

Facilitated by Tyler Jacobs-Lewis (he/him), MS, tLMHC

Learn about the practice of mindfulness and how it can be a beneficial practice to compliment your busy student life.

When and Location: Drake Pomerantz Conference Room, First Sundays of the Month

  • September 10th: 3:30-4:30
  • October 1st: 3:30-4:30pm
  • November 5th: 3:30-4:30
  • December 3rd: 3:30-4:30

Contact with any questions.

OCD Support Group

Facilitated by Madeleine Army (she/her), LMSW

Join us for a safe space to learn coping strategies for OCD symptoms

September 19th, October 24th, and November 14th

Time and Location: 6:30-7:30pm, Olmsted CR 312

Contact with any questions.

BIPOC Women (+) Support Group

Facilitated by Kayla Bell-Consolver (she/her), LMHC

This 3 part counseling support group is focused on cultivating a space of connection, healing, and belonging. All BIPOC students that self-identify as or have been socialized as women are encouraged to attend!

Oct. 18, Nov. 15., and Dec. 6th

6-7pm, Olmsted: Drake Room

Contact with any questions.

Bulldog Recovery Group

Group for students to learn ways to cope with alcohol and substance use.

Tuesdays (starting Oct. 24)

6-7pm, Drake Room

Contact with any questions. 

Monthly Pet Therapy

Therapy dogs can help improve calmness, mood, and overall wellness, especially when experiencing stressed. Many students feel disconnected from their pets when returning to campus or separating from them in any capacity, We encourage you to join the Drake Counseling Center and Dog Trainer Elite to connect with available therapy dogs EVERY TWO WEEKS!

When: Every 1st and 3rd Sunday

Time/Location: 2-3pm, Olmsted CR310-311

Programs and Events

Sleep Hygiene Workshop

Do you struggle with sleeping too much, or too little? Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Or simply unsure of ways to improve your sleep? Join this workshop to learn about the common sleep concerns and how YOU can begin to improve your sleep. 

November 9th, 4pm: Drake Room (Upper Olmsted)

Register Here

QPR: Question Persuade Refer Training

Just as people trained in CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver help save thousands of lives each year, people trained in QPR learn how to recognize the warning signs of a suicide crisis and how to question, persuade, and refer someone to help.

November 28, 2pm: Olmsted, CR 311

Register Here

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