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Broadlawns Drake University Counseling Center Mission

MISSION: The Broadlawns Drake University Counseling Center (BDUCC) implements a comprehensive counseling center model (Brunner et. al 2017), through clinical services, collaboration and consulting, prevention and outreach training, and an internship program for graduate counseling students, to provide services to the campus community that assist students in their preparation to be active and engaged participants in an increasingly complex world. We also recognize that individuals have multiple identities, backgrounds, and experiences, such as discrimination, oppression, and marginalization that will significantly influence their access to mental health services and their overall well-being.

OVERARCHING GOAL: The BDUCC is dedicated to advocacy, trauma informed care, and supporting students from all communities and identities to enhance mental health access and support. Through counseling, outreach, and education, the BDUCC addresses and seeks to resolve personal, social, and developmental difficulties which may hinder students on their academic path. It is our belief that timely and professional attention to these difficulties strengthens and deepens student involvement in their academic program.

The BDUCC supports the university efforts to foster the growth of a community based on respectful sensitivity to all its members and seeks to join with others in speaking clearly and consistently for the benefits of lives led in the service of greater understanding and cooperation.


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