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Pharmacists don’t just stand behind a counter and count pills, so why should your pharmacy education be just about the textbook or lecture? At Drake, we are teaching innovative practices for the future of pharmacy—in and out of the classroom.

Our emphasis on patient care, team-based learning, creative thinking, and communication skills helps students become leaders, and the hands-on experiences you can gain in the many different fields of pharmacy—both in the United States and around the world—prepare you for a successful career in the industry. Plus, you can enhance your future opportunities with a dual-degree or concentration to develop your expertise.

Whether you’re still in high school, considering where to obtain your Doctor of Pharmacy, or you're a licensed psychologist looking to earn credentials to prescribe medication, join us and pursue your passion at the highest level.

Our pharmacy students are among the best in the country! Take a look at our students' accomplishments over the last several years:

NAPLEX First-Time Pass Rates

Year Drake National Average
2023 80.3% 78.6%
2022 78.0% 80.0%
2021 92.0% 84.0%
2020 85.6% 88.4%
2019 93.0% 90.6%
2018 93.1% 88.5%

On-Time Graduation Rates

Year Rate
2023 92.6%
2022 91.0%
2021 95.8%
2020 96.0%
2019 94.3%
2018 93.6%

ASHP Phase I & II Residency Match Rate

Year Drake National Match Rate
2023 85.7% 81.8%
2022 75.6% 76.5%
2021 81.13% 64.95%
2020 64.5% 63.1%
2019 87.5% 64.4%


Over the past 5 years, our graduates have started their careers in a variety of pathways:


Visit Pharmacy Is Right For Me! to learn more about the profession of pharmacy and career pathways students can pursue. 

Drake Pharmacy alumni can download our Pharmacy in Iowa flyer to promote your practice and the profession of pharmacy in your area!

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