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Academic Mentoring & Advising Resources

Excellence in Academic Mentoring and Advising Program

Advising a Drake Student Org 101- location TBD (attend 1 date)

  • Wednesday, September 7th; 2-2:50pm
  • Thursday, September 15th; 12-12:50pm
  • Friday, September 23rd; 10-10:50pm

Fall 2016 Tentative Schedule

  • Friday, August 19 - Drake University Learning Symposium, Sheraton West Des Moines
  • Thursday, Septmeber 8, 1-2pm - Benefits and Experiences of World Languages and Cultures Certificate Program
  • Wednesday-Saturday, October 5-8 - National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Annual Conference, Atlanta

Student Handbooks

The student handbook answers many frequently asked student questions, such as AOI requirements, policies, guidelines, etc.  Additional information regarding University policies is available in the University General Catalog or University Student Handbook.

Academic Success Resources

Academic assistance is available in a variety of forms on campus.  Encourage your advisees to utilize their professors, lab instructors, and campus resources to enhance their academic success. 

Career & Professional Development Resources

Professional & Career Development Services is available to assist students with career guidance, job and internship searches, mock interviews, resume, CV, and cover letter review. 

Curriculum Guides

Students should utilize the program curriculum guides to create their academic plans.  Following the curriculum guides is important to ensure accurate progress toward graduation.

Minors & Concentrations

Students can add any minor or concentration to their degree.  It is important to note that in order to complete a minor or concentration students may be required to take a heavier course load or summer courses.

Honors Program

Students can opt to complete the Honors AOI Track in lieu of the traditional AOI requirements.  Students do not need to complete the Honors Senior Thesis to declare the Honors AOI Track.

Degree Audits

Students are responsible for tracking their progress toward graduation.  Below are guides to help you assist your advisees with interpreting their degree audits.

PharmD Admissions Information for Pre-Pharmacy Students

For consideration for admission to the professional pharmacy program, students must meet the requirements of the Drake PharmD Connection.  Below are resources to assist with advising your pre-pharmacy students on the admissions process.


Academic Advising & Mentoring Resources

Additional resources to develop your advising and mentoring abilities.

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