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2023 Registration FAQ

Q. What are the dates of the J-Term in 2023?

     A. J-Term begins on January 3 and ends on January 20, 2023.

Q. Are there fees associated with J-Term?

     A. Students will be assessed a $50 per credit fee for J-Term, in addition to costs associated with travel, or housing and meals (for on-campus J-Term courses).  

Q. Where will official registration information be available for J-Term?

A. It is available through the Office of the Registrar at

A. There also are course descriptions available on the J-Term webpage.

Q. When is registration for the 2023 J-Term?
      A. Registration will begin April 11th, 2022. Specific registration times are available on the Office of the Registrar’s web site                    at

Q. How do I register for J-Term?

A.  For non-travel courses, students may register via Self-Service in the same manner as they do for fall classes.

A. For travel courses, students apply via Terra Dotta.

Q. Who is eligible to register for J-Term courses?

A. Anyone (degree seeking or non-degree seeking) is eligible except for first-year students as determined by starting time at Drake, not total numbers of credits.

 Q. If a class is oversubscribed, who receives priority?

A. In general, priority would be based on seniority. For some classes, priority will be given to particular groups of students based on the topic of the class or to those who have completed the course prerequisites. Thus, standard course prerequisites or instructor permission protocols will be followed.  Any pre-requisites or selection criteria used for specific courses will be published on the J-term website and as part of the course registration process.

Q. What if the J-Term course that I registered for is cancelled due to low enrollment?

A. Students who were denied a J-Term course due to course cancellation may register for a different J-term course provided that seats are available and that the student has met the pre-requisites.

Q. Will my J-Term registration be affected by my Fall 2022 grades? 

A. Yes, it is possible.  If a student has not passed the pre-requisites for a J-Term course, the student is subject to being dropped from the J-Term course.

Q. Are independent studies allowed during J-Term?

A. Yes, independent studies are permitted in J-Term.  Students must make arrangements with a faculty-advisor and their dean’s office to register for an independent study for the J-Term, just as they would in any other semester.

Q. Is there limit to the number of J-Term courses for which I may register?

A. In general, students may register for no more than three credits of J-Term courses.  Students who register for more than three credits will be subject to tuition charges.

Q. Is there limit to the number of J-Term courses for which I may wait-list?

A. Students may wait-list for only one course at a time.  Students who are wait-listed for multiple courses are subject to being dropped from all wait lists.  Students are allowed to be wait-listed for one course while registered for a different course.

For additional J-Term 2023 questions that are directly related to Registration, please contact:

Office of the Registrar
Fax: 515-271-3977

J-Term 2022 Registration FAQ's

updated 4/14/2022

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