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Clinical & Hospital Pharmacies

Profile of a Pharmacy Innovator: Dr. Michael Daly, The Data-Driven Pharmacist

Dr. Michael Daly serves as both an informatics pharmacist at The Iowa Clinic and an Associate Professor of Clinical Sciences at Drake University. He shares his experiences in both roles, and how he and the APPE stuendts he leads provide cost-saving, innovative healthcare solutions. 

Profile of a Corporate Entrepreneur: Angela Boord PharmD and Iowa Lutheran Hospital Pharmacy Team

The Iowa Lutheran Hospital Pharmacy Team's innovation in patient care is evident in their Transitional Care Unit where pharmacists round daily, review each patient, and have a 90% approval rating of interventions.

Profile of a Pharmacy Innovator: Matt Hubble

As a pharmacist working in one of only forty-two Emergency Rooms across the country that currently employ pharmacists, Matt Hubble is working to expand the role of pharmacy in new and innovative ways. In our interview with him, Dr. Hubble details how he chose this demanding and ground-breaking career path, challenges he has faced and continues to face, as well as advice for other pharmacists hoping to follow in his footsteps.

Profile of a Community Outreach Entrepreneur: DeeAnn Wedemeyer-Oleson

When DeeAnn came to Guthrie County Hospital the pharmacy department consisted of a part-time community pharmacist as a consultant. Now the practice is flourishing with two full time pharmacist positions who provide both inpatient and outpatient services.

Profile of a Corporate Entrepreneur: Geoff Wall and Iowa Methodist Medical Center

Through collaboration with other hospital specialists Dr. Geoff Wall has successfully implemented a pharmacist run penicillin allergy skin testing program. Through the use of Pre-Pen® (benzylpenicilloyl polylysine), penicillin G, histamine and saline they have perfected the technique to identify a patient’s reaction to the metabolite of penicillin that is responsible for most dangerous allergic reactions to penicillin. This testing reopens the arsenal in situations where penicillin or a derivative is the best treatment option.

Profile of a Pharmacy Innovator: Richard Wenzel

Dr. Wenzel established an innovative headache clerkship for PharmD candidates, as well as for pharmacy residents. The knowledge and encouragement he provides to his rotations students earned him the Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences “Preceptor of the Year” award in 2005.