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Miscellaneous Profiles


Profile of an Entrepreneur: Chad Ronnebaum

Chad Ronnebaum, a 1999 pharmacy graduate from the University of Iowa demonstrated the DELTA Rx principles of entrepreneurial leadership through the development of the AlcoHAWK series and Q3 Innovations (personal blood alcohol analyzers). Here are some insights to how he got started.

Profile of a Pharmacy Innovator: David Sohl

From the day Lieutenant David Sohl entered pharmacy school, he knew that the traditional pharmacist career was not for him. Now, currently a Pharmacy Naval Officer in Corpus Christi, TX, Lt. Sohl has taken the profession to different depths, literally. The tragedy on 9/11 inspired a great deal of patriotism in the US, including Lt. Sohl himself. It was also the pivotal moment that spurred his interest in pursuing the military as a career. His valuable skills in motivation and guidance could not be contained behind the counter.

Profile of an Academic Entrepreneurial Leader: Todd Sorensen

As a faculty member at the University of Minnesota, Todd Sorensen and his colleagues pursue entrepreneurial opportunities every day. Since the mid-1990s faculty in Midwest colleges of pharmacy have been studying the declining trend of rural pharmacies. At the University of Minnesota they are particularly focused on rural communities where the sole proprietor of an independently owned pharmacy is nearing retirement. The faculty at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy consider this an opportunity to pursue innovative care relationships. The goal of their initiative is to preserve access to pharmaceuticals and pharmacists in rural Minnesota.

Profile of an Pharmacy Innovator: Tony Mariano

What does a pharmacist do when s/he has a friend or patient end up in the hospital after experiencing a problem with taking medications incorrectly? If that pharmacist is an entrepreneurial leader like Tony, he develops a product to help solve a patient problem so that others do not end up in the hospital from a similar situation. This profile is an interview with Tony Mariano, inventor of Rex Talking Bottles.

Profile of a Product Innovator: William H. Schmitt

William H. Schmitt is the Vice President of Research and Development at Phoenix Brands, the most rapidly growing home care company in North America. He has had a long and successful career in the home care/personal care industry, and has worked with many groups of researchers to reach new heights of product innovation.

Profile of a Pharmacy Innovator: Mark Williams and The Compounding Pharmacy

Mark Williams, a pharmacy technician from Hickory, North Carolina, has helped The Compounding Pharmacy, where he is currently employed, go the distance in the field of sports medicine compounding. The techniques Compounding Pharmacy has used to get in the game of sports medicine compounding and stay in it are innovative, and they have had great success in such a competitive and unique field.

Profile of a Pharmacy Innovator: Amy Russell

Amy Russell never intended to pursue a career that stretched her aspirations, but when she completed her Master of Business Administration, so did the doors opening to opportunities in long term care. After working in these facilities for eight years, Amy was led to built her small business, Prescriptive Strategies, a company well worth reading about.