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Pharmacy Ownership

Profile of an Entrepreneurial Leader: Monica Nikseresht

Monica Nikseresht, PharmD, is a third-generation pharmacist who graduated from Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in 2021. Monica shares with us her family’s journey of owning their own community pharmacy, her choice of continuing her family’s legacy, and the steps she took in college that prepared her to be an entrepreneur.

 Profile of an Entrepreneurial Leader: Casey Villhauer

The owner and founder of Vaxi Taxi was recently recognized as the Pharmacy Times 2021 Next Generation Pharmacist category winner of Entrepreneurship. Dr. Villhauer discusses how Vaxi Taxi came to life, the preparation that went into becoming an entrepreneur, and obstacles she’s faced along the way.

 Profile of a Pharmacy Innovator: Tessa Heitkamp

Tessa Heitkamp is the owner and founder of The Superfood Pharmacist, a coaching and consulting business focused on achieving wellness through a combination of supplements, nutrition, exercise, and self-compassion. Tessa describes her journey down the road-less-traveled to become the successful pharmacist that she is today, opening her own business this month.

 Profile of an Entrepreneurial Leader: Frank Cable

Frank Cable is the recipient of the 2012 Ken Wurster Community Leadership Award and owner of South Sacramento Leadership Pharmacy. He currently serves as president of Leaders Pharmacies.

Profile of an Entrepreneurial Leader: Dick Hartig

Dick Hartig is the Chief Executive Officer and owner of Hartig Drug Stores, the nation’s second oldest family owned drug store chain. Hartig Drug was founded in 1904 by Dick’s grandfather, A.J. Hartig and subsequently run by Dick’s parents, Ken and Helen. As a third generation pharmacist, Dick was inspired to leave home and continue his education beyond his bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. Fate however intervened after the unexpected death of his father and Dick returned home to northeast Iowa to work in the family’s pharmacies.

Profile of a Pharmacy Innovator: Felix Gallagher

PharmServ was established as a preferred supplier to industry clients that depend on the skill, training, and expertise of licensed pharmacists. Felix Gallagher and the Adams’ are proof that being prepared when opportunity knocks is more than just coincidence. It's a matter of planning for the unknown, being willing to take a calculated risk, and partnering with the people who share that spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Profile of a Pharmacy Entrepreneur: Jennifer Fix

Recently it was announced that Jennifer Fix is the recipient this year for the Good Government Pharmacist-of-the Year Award. The award recognizes an individual pharmacist who actively contributes to the community through his or her voluntary involvement in the political process. It is presented to an individual who has raised the profession’s awareness of the political process, improved the pharmacy profession and the political process, as well as improved service and education to patients. The award is sponsored by the APhA Political Action Committee (APhA-PAC) and will be presented to Jennifer at the APhA Annual Meeting and Exposition in Atlanta, Georgia, March 16-19, 2007.

Profile of an Innovator: Jennifer Musick

“By the time I finished residency I had a drive and hunger for wanting to do something different and I learned you had to have a good business plan.” Entrepreneurs Jennifer Musick and Amy Moet opened Health Solutions Inc. in June 2004. As a service-based pharmacy they have taken on a unique challenge to offer medication and disease management, health screenings, and education services to their patients through out of pocket payments and contracts with area employers without the income from traditional dispensing pharmacy.

Profile of a Pharmacy Innovator: Larry Mayhew

It took entrepreneurial effort and many years for Mr. Mayhew to be an extraordinary pharmacy owner. He was not only challenged and rewarded in his professional career, but his entrepreneurial goals were achieved. He was innovative in his approach and the various journeys he has traveled has permitted others to follow in his footsteps and discover success. Larry Mayhew is a remarkable example of entrepreneurial leadership.

Profile of an Entrepreneurial Leader: Sue Horton

Central Iowa Compounding, owned by Sue Horton, is an innovative practice specializing in bioidentical hormone preparation and other compounded prescription products.

Profile of a Pharmacy Innovator: Warren Narducci

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