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Innovative Possibilities

Spotlight on Pharmacy Innovator Scott Morrett

Dr. Scott Morrett discusses his experience in working as an innovator in pharmacy practice through his current position at Eli Lilly and Company. His non-traditional role in pharmacy shows just one path of many that can be taken when entering the pharmacy profession.   

After Dr. Morrett graduated from Drake University with his PharmD/MBA, he completed the Visiting Scientist Fellowship with Eli Lilly and Company. During his fellowship, he was a Regulatory Reviewer for Advertising and Promotional materials where he worked to ensure marketing materials were accurate and not mis-leading. Soon after his Fellowship, he transitioned into his current position as a Clinical Trial Project Manager where he leads a multi-functional study team through development, execution, and closeout of diabetes studies.

How did he find his role in the pharmaceutical industry? Early on in pharmacy school, he knew he wanted to pursue a non-traditional path, leading him to the PharmD/MBA program. This allowed him to approach problems from a new perspective and to use his creativity to find solutions. His work in the pharmaceutical industry thus far in his current position has allowed him to focus on studies that involve investigational insulins, insulin pumps, and connected system technology such as insulin pen dose capture devices, apps, and cloud storage and analytics. His team aims to focus on making the treatment of diabetes more manageable for patients living with diabetes by exploring novel technologies, systems, and medicines.

When asked how he defines innovation, Dr. Morrett explains, “innovators think in terms of possibilities, not barriers. Innovation is also more than technology. Innovation is finding enhanced solutions to problems and redefining the way we look at problems themselves.” He encourages current students to find their passions and pursue them, noting that innovation is hard work, long hours, and several iterations before success may be seen.

Thanks to pharmacy innovators such as Scott Morrett, pharmacists continue to think outside the box, ask the hard questions, and continue to advocate for the value pharmacists are able to bring in multiple settings. The DELTA Rx Institute looks forward to following Dr. Morrett on his future innovative endeavors. The Institute also extends our thank you to Dr. Morrett who serves on the DELTA Rx Institute Advisory Board.