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Profile of a Compounding Entrepreneur: Mark Williams

The Play by Play of Sports Medicine Compounding

When it comes to sports medicine compounding, Mark Williams knows how to go the distance. This pharmacy technician from Hickory, North Carolina has learned what it takes to be a heavy hitter in this complex and competitive market. He followed in his father’s footsteps, making a career in the field of pharmacy, and has used all the pharmacy knowledge to help The Compounding Pharmacy, where he is currently employed, succeed in assisting many trainers and athletes alike.

The Compounding Pharmacy’s staff first became interested in sports medicine compounding when they began looking for ways to diversify their client base. They were already serving many veterinary clients, so sports medicine seemed like a related but new and interesting challenge. However, in order to get into the game of sports medicine compounding, The Compounding Pharmacy had to be persistent when contacting trainers. As an example, it was after calling thirteen times and leaving messages on one trainer’s phone answering machine that they finally received a return phone call. Without persistence, they would not have even been able to step onto the field. Word amongst trainers quickly spread and soon they were scheduling meetings with trainers. Before they knew it, they were off and running with sports medicine compounding services.

Once they had begun, Mark Williams, who took on the responsibility for marketing and advertising for The Compounding Pharmacy, had to learn quickly what it would take to outrun the pack and succeed in the area of sports medicine compounding. He found that trainers are often overworked between being present at every sporting event as well as handling an overwhelming number of student athletes. Because of this, The Compounding Pharmacy makes it a priority to keep medications as simple as possible for them and their athletes. The key is to find out exactly what trainers need and develop ways of providing it. When first working with a new trainer, The Compounding Pharmacy begins by supplying typical medications for training, such as “cut cream,” a topical anesthetic, antibiotic, and pain relieving cream. As they begin to build relationships with trainers and teams, they can speak in more detail on trainer’s preferred products and how the pharmacy can work to provide unique solutions through compounding.

Another key move Mark Williams brings to the field is stellar customer service. Mark provides his personal cell phone number to trainers and makes sure to respond quickly. Additionally, The Compounding Pharmacy’s staff familiarizes themselves with The NCAA Banned Drugs and Medical Exceptions Policy, and makes sure trainers know that they as a pharmacy are compliant with this list. These customer service techniques take some pressure off the trainers and keeps Mark Williams and The Compounding Pharmacy in the game long-term.

However, being a successful player in the game of sports medicine compounding often takes more effort than keeping it simple and providing great customer service. Occasionally, The Compounding Pharmacy’s staff has to take it one step further and really think outside the box in order to win over their clients. One example of this is the way the Pharmacy handled a collegiate cyclist who was having knee pain but was banned from taking any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDS). This cyclist had a race coming up, but his knee pain was causing him to decrease the amount of time he could ride. The Pharmacy developed a phonophoresis gel consisting of dexamethasone 0.4% and lidocaine 4%. By the second day, his pain had been cut in half. By the day of the race, six days after beginning to use the phonophoresis gel, he was riding easily and with no pain. This case demonstrates that through innovative and creative methods, The Compounding Pharmacy was able to be just the type of team player any trainer would be glad to have on their bench.

This is just one example of how Mark Williams and The Compounding Pharmacy bring their “A-game” to sports medicine compounding. Through simple yet thorough medication options, great customer service, and innovative techniques, Mark and the team keeps their customers happy, healthy, and on the field, in the ring, or wherever else they may be competing. The way Mark Williams and The Compounding Pharmacy works with trainers and athletes alike to develop just the right medication options really does make them a champion in the game of sports medicine compounding.