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Directory Help

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My information is not correct

Where is this data coming from?

The data is coming from the University data system (DUSIS) and the Human Resources module. This information is updated every evening to the web server.

How do I get MY information updated?

Because the data is coming directly from Human Resources, you need to contact Human Resources by sending an email to or by calling  x3133 to update or correct your information.

How do I get MY OFFICE'S information updated?

Office and Department information is now being stored in the University data system (DUSIS).  Please contact your dean's office or department manager to forward changes to Human Resource at or call x3133.

My information and my office's information is correct, but the people and departments are organized incorrectly. The project team used finance organizational information and the printed D-Book to start the project. We recognize this information may not be completely accurate with the current organization of faculty and staff across campus. We can make adjustments and will be working closely with office managers to make sure we get it right. Please send your feed back to Human Resources at or call x3133.

I can't find who I am looking for

The first two fields are dynamic drop downs, not open search fields. As you type they suggest names and offices that fit your search. It should not let you search for something that isn't in the directory. The system will only suggest 30 items at a time, so it is possible when searching for common names that the person you are looking for is "below the fold". Try searching for their last name or using their proper name, like "Daniel" or "Michael". If this doesn't work try looking for their office or even someone they work with and cross reference.

Each single entry has links back to their office and department. This is an important feature because it allows you to search through an office or department for other people. It makes it possible to find people, having no idea what their name is.

Offices and Departments are based on a two level system. Our team decided it got too complicated to use more levels, so "Departments" are level one and "Offices" are level 2. All "Offices" fall under a "Department". The two words are used interchangeably around campus in addition to having other meanings in the academic areas. Please note that these names were chosen for organizational reasons and do not suggest programmatic structure in the colleges and schools.

Incomplete information and past employee's listed in directory

Missing address, phone and e-mail address. New employees are entered into the system before the address, phone and e-mail address are assigned. This means there might be a delay before their full information can be entered. Please contact the main department or office to contact that person.

Past or retired employee is still listed. Just as with new employees some past employees  will show up in the system until they have their official employment status updated. If it seems that this is not the case and it has been a unrealistic amount of time please contact Human Resources at or call x3133 to correct the issue.

Mailing Address vs Shipping Addresses

Drake University has a single location mail house. This means that all mail, other than a few exceptions should be mailed to Drake University, 2507 University Ave, Des Moines, IA 50311 with the specific person, department and/or room number listed. The department and office addresses in the directory contain the mailing address.

Shipping addresses are different than mailing addresses. Packages from UPS or FexEx are not mail and should be sent using specific building locations so drivers know where on campus an office or department is located. A list of shipping addresses is available here.

Visiting campus and trying to find a department or office. Because the department pages only include the mailing address if you are visiting campus and need to find out where to go please reference our Campus Directions page, which includes, Google maps for directions, an online campus map and a printable campus map PDF. Both of the latter options include the Department and Office locations for cross-reference.