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Shipping Addresses

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Drake University Building Addresses

Drake University has a single location mail house. This means that all mail, other than a few exceptions should be mailed to Drake University, 2507 University Ave, Des Moines, IA 50311 with the specific person, department and/or room number listed. The department and office addresses in the directory contain the mailing address.

Shipping addresses are different than mailing addresses. Packages from UPS or FedEx are not mail and should be sent using specific building locations so drivers know where on campus an office or department is located.

Adult Literacy
1213 25th Street, Lower Level

Agora (Kragie Newell)
2830 Forest Avenue

Aliber Hall
2847 University Avenue

Alumni House
2700 University Avenue

Black Cultural Center
1149 28th Street

Bell Center
1421 27th Street

Carnegie Hall
2511 University Avenue

Carpenter Residence Hall
2900 Forest Avenue

Cartwright Hall
2608 Forest Avenue

1155 28th Street

Central Heating
2610 Carpenter Avenue

Cline Hall of Pharmacy and Science
2802 Forest Avenue

Cole Hall
2509 University Avenue

Collier-Scripps Hall
2702 Forest Avenue

Community Engagement
1213 25th Street, South Entrance

Continuing Education & Professional Development
2505 University Avenue, Suite 203 and 211

Cowles Library
2725 University Avenue

Crawford Residence Hall
1333 30th Street

Dial Center
2407 Carpenter Avenue

Des Moines Police Traffic Unit
1222 24th Street

Drake International
1213 25th Street, North Entrance

Drake Municipal Observatory
4898 Observatory Road

Drake Online
2511 University Avenue, Room 103 and 104

Drake West Village
1325 31st Street

Education, School of
2702 Forest Avenue

Engineering Office
1428 27th Street

Facility Services
1422 27th Street

2701 Forest Avenue

Fitch Hall
2720 Forest Avenue

Forest Avenue Heating
2817 Forest Avenue

Goodwin-Kirk Residence Hall
1215 30th Street

Harvey Ingham Hall
2804 Forest Avenue

Harmon Fine Arts Center
1310 25th Street

Head Start
3206 University Avenue, Suite 124

Health Center (American Republic)
3116 Carpenter Avenue

Heating Plant
2610 Carpenter Avenue

Herriott Residence Hall
2842 Forest Avenue

Hispanic Center
1151 28th Street

Howard Hall
2505 University Avenue

Hubbell Dining Hall
1315 30th Street

Human Resources
3206 University Avenue, Suite 100

I Have a Dream Foundation
3206 University Avenue

Jewett Residence Hall
2700 Forest Avenue

Kinne Alumni and Development Center
2401 University Avenue

Knapp Center
2525 Forest Avenue

Legal Clinic (Neal and Bea Smith Law Center)
2400 University Avenue

Medbury Hall/Scott Chapel
2730 Forest Avenue

Meredith Hall
2805 University Avenue

Morehouse Residence Hall
2803 University Avenue

Observatory (Drake Municipal)
4898 Observatory Road

Old Main
2507 University Avenue

Olin Hall
2708 Forest Avenue

Olmsted Center
2875 University Avenue

Opperman Hall and Law Library
2604 Forest Avenue

Paper Storage
1153 24th Street

Pharmacy, College of
2802 Forest Avenue

Post Office (Drake)
1315 30th Street

President’s House
227 37th Street

Public Safety
1227 25th Street

Ray Society, The
3206 University Avenue, Suite 123

Robert Ray Center
2702 Forest Avenue

Ross Residence Hall
1214 31st Street

Science Connector Building
2714 Forest Avenue

Sheslow Auditorium, Old Main
2507 University Avenue

Soccer Field
2515 Clark Street

Softball Complex
1500 27th Street

2719 Forest Avenue

Stalnaker Residence Hall
1319 30th Street

Studio Arts Hall
2829 Forest Avenue

Tennis Center
2525 Clark Street

Ticket Office (Athletics)
Knapp Center, 2601 Forest Avenue

Ticket Office (Fine Arts)
Harmon Fine Arts Center, 1310 25th St.

3301 Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway

Vote Smart
1151 24th Street