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What Are My Rights as a Student with a Disability?
Student Rights

What Are My Responsibilities as a Student with a Disability?
Student Responsibilities

What are the guidelines for documenting various disabilities?
Documentation Guidelines

Are there scholarships available for students with disabilities?
Joseph H. Morris Scholarship

How do I arrange academic accommodations?

  1. Submit documentation of a disability to the office via fax, email, or in-person delivery. For guidance on the documentation required, review our Documentation Guidelines found below for specific disabilities.
  2. The submitted documentation is reviewed by a Disability Coordinator. You will receive an email to your Drake e-mail inbox instructing you to schedule an intake appointment with your assigned coordinator.
  3. Schedule and attend the intake appointment with your coordinator. During the intake appointment, you and your coordinator will discuss the following;           
    • The documentation you submitted
    • Barriers you experience in your academics
    • Reasonable accommodations that will work best for you, and how to set up those accommodations
  1. Once accommodations are approved, you must meet with your instructors and obtain the required signatures on the Student Academic Accommodation Request Form. The accommodation is not in place until this step is completed.
  2. Please return the white copy to the Student Disability office in Room 107, Old Main. Each semester, this process must be repeated in order to receive accommodations.

What are my responsibilities as a student with a disability?

  1. To self-identify their disability and provide professional documentation of the disability.
  2. To consult with a coordinator at the Student Disability Services(SDS) to discuss appropriate accommodations.
  3. To consult with instructors at the beginning of each semester to discuss accommodation needs and secure signatures on accommodation request forms.
  4. To consult with professors at least 5 business days in advance to make arrangements for any exam or other needed modification.
  5. To adequately meet requirements of chosen program/course of study.
  6. To allow at least two weeks when requesting accommodations such as interpreters, CART services and alternate format from SDS.
  7. To request books or materials needed in an alternate format at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester from SDS.
  8. To notify the SDS and/or course instructor if requested accommodations are not being provided or are not effective.
  9. To abide by the University code of conduct regarding matters such as academic honesty and behavior.

Documentation Guidelines

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