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Office of Equity and Inclusion

How we understand DEIJ matters. We are a community that values diversity as an institutional strength that encompasses a broad range of human differences.

We acknowledge the role Drake University can play in redressing historic injustices that result in continued marginalization of members of specific groups and seek to understand and respond to contemporary calls for inclusivity as necessitated by social justice.

There are a number of different initiatives underway in the Office of Equity and Inclusion to continue to ensure these commitments are meaningful and measurable. Growing, sustaining and deepening an inclusive learning environment in every aspect of campus life requires us to remain active, realizing the work must be ongoing.

The reality is DEIJ isn’t really the responsibility of one person or office. We really are all in this together and it takes all of us. But here’s what’s most amazing to me: the more we do go all in, the more we realize that participation in growing an inclusive campus climate, where every member of the Drake community experiences a sense of true belonging, isn’t only a responsibility. It’s a wonderful opportunity to experience some of the best learning and growth a truly diverse, equitable, inclusive and just environment offers us all.

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