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Summer Travel Seminars

3 credits of the total may apply towards the Honors Track, providing the six credit-hour limit for Education Abroad experiences has not already been met.
Registration is via Drake International Terra Dotta.

Scheduling is forthcoming; next offering of Sustainable Development in Africa: Study Abroad in Uganda will be Summer 2025.

Sustainable Development in Africa: Study Abroad in Uganda

Drake University instructors: Jeffrey Kaplan, Jimmy Senteza, Heath Henderson, Glenn McKnight

HONR 067

This three-week, six credit May travel seminar focuses on the UNDP sustainable development goals regarding human rights, democracy, entrepreneurship, education, tourism, health care and business practices through the lens of a Drake study trip to Uganda. Among many other opportunities, students on the trip will help host a health day at Kikandwa Health Centre,  work with a school for children with special needs, meet with business, government, and media professionals, go on a safari, and meet with village elders to view and discuss rural agriculture.




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