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Paths to Knowledge

Each Paths to Knowledge (Paths) course is unique, asking students to consider different interdisciplinary topics from many angles.

This course is required for anyone who is fulfilling their General Education requirements using Honors courses for the Honors Track of the Drake Curriculum. The Paths course is designed to help you reflect upon your interdisciplinary courses of the past and prepare you to make the most out of your interdisciplinary studies in the future. The foci of sections of Paths to Knowledge differ depending upon the Honors faculty teaching. The lab must be taken with the same instructor who is teaching the course, Professor Matthew Hayden..

Fall 2022 HONR 100: Paths to Knowledge course will address: Theories, Isms, and Folderol


Theories are the fundamental construct of academic activity, and despite the conventional notion, most of us do not know what, exactly, theory is. What makes a theory a theory? Why are theories used? To what extent do theories help us mis/understand the world? Despite the conventional notion that theory is impractical, it guides the activity of most academic research, knowledge production, and disciplinary pursuits, and then filters out into public consciousness, influencing the way people think and live. This course will begin with the examination of three specific theories such as postmodernism, Marxism, feminism, and pragmatism, socialism, critical theory, or capitalism. Students will explore the origins, key characteristics, and applications of these theories to various disciplines in the humanities, liberal arts, and professional fields. Students will gain the skill a capacity to work with, apply, and deconstruct complex issues using theories, and as such, this course would be of particular interest and use to students considering graduate school. 



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